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Relaxed Fall Style (Gray and Black)

We are knee deep into fall now. Pumpkin mazes, fall festivals and cute sweaters are in full effect. Not to mention, this is a great excuse to wear comfortable leggings way too often. You have to love fall fashion.

fall denim jacket

Now, I’m not going to lie…I’m still a beach babe at heart. But, autumn is pretty awesome. I like the fact that I can pull together several pieces into one look and make it work. Of course fall weather is hat weather and I have a “thing” for those.

gray knit fall sweater

I haven’t found a denim jacket  I didn’t like and when things get too warm, there’s an easy fix.

black tall Clark boots

Of course, I love a great pair of boots. I was in the market for a new pair so these black riding boots are a new addition.

leopard print scarf

Dressed up the look a bit with this leopard print scarf from my closet. It’s light but, that’s exactly what I needed on that day. It eventually crept up to the sixties.

black coach bag, black clark boots

And there’s my “mini me”. You have to know that she is never far behind.

Just me and my shadow on a beautiful crisp fall day. #fall #fashion #family

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Get it Mama: Rock the Look

Gray Knit Sweater- similar look at Express

Charcoal Leggings from Cache (update: Cache has since closed but these pants from Nordstrom are similar).

Denim Jacket- similar look at Gap

Black Riding Boots Clarks

Scarf- similar look Michael Kors

Bag- it’s a classic (couldn’t find it online but you can shop around and find one of your own). Coach

Hat- Get your fave black hat. I’ve had mine for so many years. Didn’t manage to find a similar look online.

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    Yessss!! I love Autumn and what a perfect time of year to be cozy when chasing the kiddies around. I just purchased a new pair of black riding boots. I rarely wear any with heels now, just not functional unless its date night! Love the look.

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    Heels have a time and a place, I agree! The time and place generally does not coincide with my everyday living unless they are really comfortable.

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