Recipe for Dairy Free Strawberry Milkshake

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Last year Valentine’s was the pits. I’m not one to go ” all out” for Valentines Day but, this one pretty much sucked. For now, I’ll just say it involved a visit to the doctor’s office and an experience that I’ll never forget. But anyway…there is no better time than now for a delicious new recipe. Especially one like dairy free/vegan strawberry milkshake.

Like seriously… So good. I thought my kids’ eyes were going to bug out of their eyes kind of good. Bring on the love fest.

It the kind of milkshake that makes you think of things like fluffy clouds, delicate marshmallows and perfect pink balloons. Do you want some of that?

Well yeah…

Of course you do. So check out my guest blog post on ToyInsider for the delicious dairy-free milkshake recipe.

By the way, I use this blender to get my shakes and smoothies blended in seconds and these straws are the cutest.

OK…for real now. Head over to ToyInsider and click to grab the recipe below.

dairy free strawberry shake


Vegan/Dairy-Free Strawberry Milkshake


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