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Passion & Purpose: A Passion for Dolls (+GirlznDollz Giveaway-Closed)

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I love when passion and purpose come into alignment because such amazing things happen. That’s why I am highlighting moms on The Domestic Life Stylist in a new series called Passion and Purpose. Passion & Purpose is an opportunity to tune in to the stories of moms that are following passions and living their purpose.

passion and purpose
So let me introduce you to Jessie Moghaddas.

Jessie, GirlzNDollz

Disclosure: I fell in awe with these dolls at a recent blog conference and received a GirlnDollz doll for my daughter as result. No compensation was received for this post.  Just found something cool and I wanted to share. 

Jessie Moghaddas is the founder and creator of GirlznDollz. GirlznDollz was created to empower and celebrate everything there is about being a girl. I talked to Jessie to find out more about her company and this is what she had to say. By the way, 3 winners will have the opportunity to win a GirlznDollz each of their choice. So make sure to enter the giveaway below.

When was GirlNDollz founded?

GirlNDollz all dolls I founded my company about a year ago. I used to work with a toy company but, when the business started moving in a different direction, my heart was no longer in it. I felt like I was not being fulfilled. I decided to leave to do something more meaningful. I wanted to express myself.

Why dolls?

I’ve always loved children and dolls, ever since I was a little girl. I did not have ethnic dolls growing up in Haiti. I now have children of my own (11 year old girl and  8 year old boy). It was important for me to see my daughter play with dolls that she could relate to. Not only did the dolls have be diverse but they had to be highly fashionable as well. I talked with a friend about creating some dolls together. She initially agreed but then backed out. I decided to move forward anyway.

How are GirlNDollz different from other dolls on the market?

GirlsNDollz dolls are not only soft and plush they are quite fashionable as well. My daughter helped me through out the research process. In addition, I have found that many cultures and ethnicities can relate to the dolls. The reaction from customers have been really positive.

Where do you see GirlsNDollz in 5 years?

I see GirlsNDollz in wholesale stores like Target and Toys R Us’ and maybe even have a store of my own. Currently, you can purchase the dolls online at the GirlzNDollz  website. You can also purchase them at Distinctive Toys, Scribbles and Quinnderella’s Toys in New Jersey.

What advice do you have for Moms that want to follow their passion but are afraid?

Get rid of the fear and take the plunge. Test the market first. Take calculated risks. Don’t let fear paralyze you. You will know when it’s right.

Jessie generously sent one of her GirlznDollz dolls for my 4 year old daughter. Every since my princess received it, she hasn’t been able to put it down. See here is the doll I mean…Emme, sitting on one of my dining room chairs waiting for dinner.

GirlznDollz doll

What I like about these dolls is that they are soft like a Teddy but fashionable like a mainstream fashion doll. And I certainly have a fashionista in the making at home. It’s like having two of the best worlds in one toy. Read below to see how you can take home a doll of your own.

Oh… and email subscribers get 2 extra entries so make sure that you are on the list.

I’m giving away 3 dolls (winner’s choice), so make sure you enter.

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    These dolls sound great. I like the inclusion of brown skinned dolls. I’m always conscious of that for my girls, so that they can see toys that look like them 🙂

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    Terra Heck

    Cool dolls! I’d give it to my niece if I won. Thanks.

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    Vanessa Pruitt (NaturalFamilyToday)

    I would give it to my niece for Christmas.

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    My daughter would love these dolls, a perfect gift for her birthday this month

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    Heather Hayes Panjon

    I Would Gift The Doll To My Niece If I Win!

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    Daniel M

    i’d give it to my niece!

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    Maryssa T.

    My litte cousin

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    Holly Wright

    I would give the doll to my niece

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    Liza Vladyka

    my daughter

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    My toddler daughter

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    Emily Smith

    My youngest niece turns three in October. I would LOVE to get her a unique dolly!

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    My niece.

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    Cynthia C

    I would give the doll to my great niece.

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    T Michelle Trump

    I would give it my niece Jill!

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    Mary Casper

    My best friends daughter would get this

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    Valerie Taylor Mabrey

    This would be for my granddaughter.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

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    victoria lynch

    They are beyond adorable. I would give it to my little girl. I always try to find her dolls that are different and not cookie cutter.

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    Sara R

    I would give it to my nieces to share! They’d love it! (:

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    Kelly H.

    I would give this doll to my daughters.

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    Chrissy Malave

    I would give the doll to my daughter. She would love it!

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    I would give it to my daugher

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    Tara Bixler

    I would give the adorable dolls to my pride and joy,my 17 month old granddaughter.There are to things she adores,her blankies and her thanks so much

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    I’d give this doll to my two daughters to share. They would both love it! 🙂

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    Diana Flynn

    I would give the doll to my 17 month old daughter who loves baby dolls!

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    Susan Chester

    I would give this doll to my baby granddaughter!

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    Mary Dailey

    I would love to give this to my youngest granddaughter, but I think all 3 would love it!

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    Mary Dailey

    Thanks for the chance! Just subscribed to your e-mail newsletter!

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    Samii Meyer

    I Would give the doll to the young girl that I PCA for

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    ★Ⓙ∑ⓃⓃⒶ!★ (@KissesForUsAll)

    I would give this to my niece!

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    laura casino

    I would give it to my best friend’s daughter for her birthday!

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    Nicole C.

    I would give this doll to my niece if I won!

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    Lisa V.

    I would give to my grandchild.

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    Teresa Thompson

    I would give it to one of my four granddaughters.

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    tara darity

    my daughter!!!

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    Karen Drake

    I love the Leila – Rock Star doll, I would like to give it to my daughter for Christmas.

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    stephanie scales campbell

    If i won i would give this to my daughter!

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    Erica B.

    To my niece.

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    Jill Myrick

    The doll would be a gift for my daughter.


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    Virginia Rowell

    This would be for my granddaughter. She would absolutely fall in love!

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    Kim Mangrum

    To My BFF daughter.

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    Sarah Jestings

    If I was fortunate enough to win I would give the doll to my daughter.

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    I would give it to my daughter who would absolutely love her.
    Laurie Emerson

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    Jan Hammersmith

    I would give it to my daughter

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    These dolls are nice… I would give it to my 6 year old daughter

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    Shelton Rogerson

    I would donate the doll to Toys For Tots.

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    Reginald Sandifer

    My one and only daughter!

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    melina r

    I would give this doll to my daughter if I won. Thanks

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    Donna L

    This doll would be for my granddaughter.

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    Nikki Lynn Hanna

    This would be for my daughter.

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    Wendi Watson

    it would go to my daughter!

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    Thanks for all your entries. This giveaway is now closed.

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