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12 Days of Gift Giving Day 12

Don’t worry. If you’ve gotten this far in the gift giving series and still haven’t purchased your Christmas gifts, I’m not judging you. In many ways, I’d say we’ve saved the best for last. I’m talking about buying experience gifts from group buying sites. Again, like day 11, there’s no wrapping paper to worry about. […]

12 Days of Gift Giving Day 11

Day eleven is all about encouraging you and your loved ones to get creative and productive. This gift doesn’t come wrapped with a bow. Today only, Creative Live has top classes for just $99.  These classes are typically $299 per class. So that’s a huge savings. The classes are only discounted until tonight (Tuesday). This […]

12 Days of Gift Giving Day 10

We’re almost there. Day ten’s gift is a beauty. Originally $60 but at 33% off, this makes this Kendra Scott pendant necklace a steal at just around $40 for such a stunning gift. Will Nordstrom you get free shipping, plus there’s a new service that allow you to order online and pick up at the […]

12 Days of Gift Giving Day 7

You’re going to love this. A fun gift for memory making and of course picture taking. “Shake it. Shake it. Shake it like a Polaroid picture!” Remember that you can still get free shipping, so that’s one less one fee to worry about. If you decide to go with this cute Polaroid, here a fun […]

12 Days of Gifts Day 6

We’re half way there and the gifts have been getting better and better. We bought a teepee for the kids years ago and it’s still one of their favorite places to play. This particular teepee from Nordstrom, takes it a step further because the kids can use their creativity and paint on it too. What […]

12 Days of Gift Giving Day 5

Twelve days of gift giving day 5! This tote is the cutest and perfect for a day out with some girlfriends or running errands solo. It’s the perfect size for everyday use and I’m really crushing on the “cider” color. See my other Christmas gift recommendations here: Day 4 Gift Day 3 Gift Day 2 […]