Nine UNEXPECTED Places to Find Coupons

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I heard a statistic recently that 75% of consumers in all income brackets use coupons at sometime or the other. Although most people think about looking for their coupons in the Sunday paper, read more to find nine unexpected places to find these little treasures.

Web Portals

The same companies that offer coupons in the Sunday paper also offer printable coupons. Websites like, Smart Source, Red Plum have coupons available for the printing. The coupons differ from the ones in the Sunday paper, so to maximize your savings, look for both.

Company Websites

Company websites try to make it easy for their shoppers and sometimes offer online coupons and printable coupons as well. Obvious places to try are websites of your favorite retailers (before you go shopping). I also recently discovered that websites like Target and CVS also have coupons available for printing, so don’t miss out on those.


What are your favorite magazines? Even if you don’t currently buy any, be aware that companies often include coupons amidst those articles. This is especially true in health, beauty and women’s magazines. So the next time you are reading your favorite magazine, keep a pair of scissors handy.  Shape, AllYou…the list goes on and on.

Virtual Inbox

One of the fastest growing areas of marketing is through the Internet. Once you sign up for store loyalty programs, promotions and events, email addresses are also used to alert you of savings in the form of sales and (printable as well as online) coupons.  Consider setting up a separate email address for that purpose.


If your neighbors are not using their coupon inserts, they may be willing to pass the savings on to you.  Just ask, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Store Circulars

Besides just alerting consumers of ongoing sales and specials, some store circulars even include store coupons that require clipping. Safeway and Giant grocery store are some examples.

Product Packaging

When engaging on your quest to increase your coupon repertoire, don’t forget product packaging. Boxes of cereal, foil paper, pasta, pretty much anything is fare game.

Entertainment Book

A friend of mine bought me my first Entertainment Book when I moved to Atlanta years ago.  It is chocked full of coupons for restaurants, entertainment, vendors and other goods and services. It has been 10 years since I got my first book and I have moved to several places since Atlanta, but one thing is certain, I have never turned back.  The Entertainment Book is available in several cities and travel destinations and there is currently a special on all 2011 books.

Daily Deal and Group Savings Sites

Websites such as Groupon, Tippr, and Living Social give consumers an opportunity to explore tremendous savings from the convenience of their computer.  Sites like LivingSocial and Groupon offer daily deals (with discounts up to 90% off), while the deals on Tippr are somewhat based on volume. The more you share the deal, the better the deal gets.  On Living Social if three people buy the deal using your link then that deal is free to you.

So really, there is no reason why everyone shouldn’t be using coupons.  They are there to get people to try new products but ultimately, they save consumers money.  Are there any unexpected places that you have found coupons?  They really are everywhere!

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    Love this! So true! I always look for “free shipping” coupons before I purchase something online as well! I almost always find one OR I find a “10% off” coupon…a little something always helps!

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    Yes indeed. What did we do before the advent of the Internet again?

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