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Mom Style: First Time Expecting Mom

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I am so excited to bring you a new mini series on The Domestic Life Stylist, where I will be talking to different  moms and getting their perspectives on what’s it’s like to be a mom of “x” number of children. Appropriately, this series will be in the Mom Style section of the blog because every mom has her own style of how she does things.

So, let me introduce you to Jennifer Pilgrim of The Newlywed Pilgrimage. She blogs about crafting, entertaining, cooking and her photos on the blog are always amazing. Oh and Jennifer is expecting her first baby any day now. Her baby girl is actually due this week!

First time expecting mom's Mom style

Read on to see what Jennifer had to say about being a first time expecting mom.

Q: What’s one thing you wished someone had told you about this beautiful yet ever changing journey?

A:  “It’s going to be hard but it’s going to be worth it.” It seems like most of the women I have encountered during my pregnancy have only wanted to tell me about the sleep deprivation, weight issues, breastfeeding problems, nausea, and other negative things pertaining to their experience with pregnancy and motherhood. What I have really needed to hear from them is that every pregnancy is different and even if I do experience discomfort during this time, it will truly be worth it and then some. I will make it a point upon the birth of my daughter to speak to other pregnant women in a way that lifts them up and relieves their fears.

Q: Who is your favorite TV mom?

A: It’s probably Nora Walker (Sally Field) in Brothers & Sisters (2006-2011) because she could host a fabulous dinner party at a moment’s notice, her children were always gathered at her home for meals, and despite the frequent crazy obstacles that life seemed to throw at her family, she was the glue that held everyone together. I want to be that kind of mom. 

Q: What activity do you look forward to doing with your baby?

A: Breastfeeding. It’s life-giving and beautiful.

Q: If your “Mom Style” was a song title, what would it be? (No, seriously I need a real song)

A: “When I Leave the Room” By Natalie Grant (If you haven’t heard it, you should!)

Q: Which blog post that you are most proud of.

A: Wooden Baby Blocks DIY

Q: What’s your “Mom Style”? Cool & Calm, Spirited & Free, Savvy & Sophisticated or “Type A” All the Way

A:  Savvy & Sophisticated

Yes! Jennifer is indeed savvy and sophisticated and I am so happy that she decided to share her Mom Style with us. Congrats Jennifer! You will be an wonderful mom. Welcome to the club!

What’s your “Mom Style”?


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    I don’t think I’ve got savvy and sophisticated down, but I admire women who do! And I totally love Nora Walker. It made my day just reading that reference. 🙂

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      I’ve never seen the show. I’m always late to the party. Now I have to watch it.

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    Jennifer Pilgrim (The Newlywed Pilgrimage)

    Thanks for interviewing me! It was a lot of fun. I can’t believe I am about the join the Mom Club. Xo

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