3 hotdogs on table

Memorial Day Eats (Bold Bites)

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3 hotdogs on table

I am not certain who came up with the idea of celebrating Memorial Day with foods like coleslaw, BBQ, hamburgers and hot dogs…but it works for me. To that end, I am going to introduce you to Bold Bites in Bethesda, MD (right outside of DC). I am not exactly sure how I found out about this place, but I am glad that I did.

The place is dedicated to the hot dog and they do it well.

I mean seriously, I could not even decide which hot dog to try. Fortunate for me, one of their combos is a double dog combo. Needless to say, I took the phrase “eating for two” literally.

The gentleman sitting next to me made it his duty to recommend that I  order the Chicago dog. I was reluctant because, I have had some Chicago dogs in the past and have been disappointed.

chicago dog

But let me say that this dog did not disappoint. The ingredients are flown straight from Chicago. I am usually  a grilled dog and bun kinda gal but I have to say, the steamed poppy seed bun and hot dog along with the fresh crisp relish, tomatoes, onions, pickles and peppers, did not disappoint.

I also ordered The Bold (all beef dog, cabbage, onions, crunchy potato sticks, ketchup, mayo and mustard on a steamed bun). The crunchy potato sticks were a great addition to this sandwich.

My hubby ordered The DC, a 1/4 smoke with diced onions, mustard and chili on a brioche bun. I was not particularly impressed with chili on this sandwich, hubby loved it.

DC half smoke

And of course, I had to get some bold fries along with arugula pesto. Why? Because, when you have an opportunity to pair your fries with something other than ketchup you just do.

french fries

This place got extra points from me because you can select the music being played via your smart phone using Rockbot.

Have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Wishing you great food and memories this weekend. Thanks soldiers!


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