Hotdogs, Potato Salad, coleslaw, corn salsa

Mark the End of Summer with these Delicious Summer Recipes

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Hotdogs, Potato Salad, coleslaw, corn salsa

The unofficial end of summer is on Labor Day and that just isn’t fair. Since summer does not really end this year until September 22, I figure we still have time to celebrate what was, what is and what forever will be…good food.  Good food is delicious, is fresh and is compelling at the very least. So as the Labor Day holiday approaches, and summer comes to end, let’s celebrate with these delicious summer recipes.

Corn and Tomato Salsa

Fresh corn is what summer is about. The sweetness, the aroma and the taste is at it’s peak during the summer months. This corn and tomato salsa is a definite do this summer.


Cole slaw brings the elements of crunchy, creamy and sweet so well, that it just can’t be wrong. In the Virgin Islands, there is a “no thrills” approach to coleslaw. No pineapples, no mangos, just raisins.  Though it may seem peculiar to some, this is how we do Caribbean coleslaw “island style”.

Watermelon Lime Ice (Granita)

Summer would not be summer without a cold frozen treat. Since watermelons are in such bountiful abundance in the summer months, it just seems wrong to not highlight a recipe that celebrates this delicious fruit.

Potato Salad

Do you really have to ask why this is a delicious summer food? When done right, potato salad…just is.

Grilled Chicken Pesto

Basil is so abundant in the warmer months and pairs magnificently with chicken. You just can can’t go wrong with this Basil Chicken Pesto recipe.

Hot Dogs

What would this compilation be without them. I visited a hot dog spot this summer and it was so good that I had to write about it. When you do prepare your hotdogs at home, make them deliciously unique by adding a toppings bar. Offer guests a choice of toppings like tomatoes, potato chips, hot peppers, chili, onions and an array of condiments.

What are your favorite summer foods?

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