Make this Dairy Free Milkshake with Strawberries

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Are you looking for a cool dairy free treat without all the added calories or excess sugar? This recipe for a dairy free milkshake with strawberries is not only beautiful to look at but, quite tasty too!

Scoot over chocolate candy and conversational hearts, there’s a healthier way to do Valentine’s Day. Here is a quick-and-easy, dairy-free strawberry milkshake recipe just in time for the day of love!

When I was younger, strawberry flavored milk, ice cream and milkshakes were some of my favorite things. This is way before I realized how my taste buds were setting me up for a myriad for inflammation and potential disease.

Now that I’m a mother myself, it’s fun creating recipes for my family that are not only beautiful looking but, delicious and better for you too! While this isn’t exactly a sugar free milkshake, ingredients like dates and banana account for any sweetness you may have missed.

And of course, since this is a dairy free milkshake, you can count on ingredients like almond milk and your favorite dairy vanilla dairy-free ice cream to make it happen.

How to Make a Milkshake without Milk

When you’re making a healthy milkshake you’re going to have to remove a few things. Regular ice cream, milk, and big globs of whipped cream…they all have to go! The good news is though, there are lots of delicious things in their place.

And when you make a milkshake without milk, you have to consider that you will lose the thickness and viscosity if you don’t make a few additional changes. Namely, you need to start with very cold or frozen ingredients. So in this case, half a frozen banana, frozen dairy free ice cream (of course), chilled dates and very cold dairy free milk.

Your choice of dairy free milk will depend on taste and dietary preferences. I like starting out with no sugar almond milk using this homemade recipe. If you’re not making your own almond milk, make sure you read the ingredient label and select a sugar free variety.

Macadamia nut milk and cashew milk are also great dairy free milk options. Just make sure that the milk is super cold which gives the final milk shake great thickness and body.

What Strawberries to Use?

Of course, you can’t have a strawberry milkshake without strawberries. You’ll need a combination of three different types of strawberries (fresh, frozen and freeze dried) for this recipe. If you’re making this milkshake during strawberry season, you will have a plethora of tasty strawberries at your disposal.

Don’t worry if that’s not the case though. Do your best and find the juiciest ones. When buying fresh strawberries, you should flip the carton over and make sure there is no mold lurking around. I talked more about how to make your produce last longer in this TV segment a few years ago.

For garish, rim the glass with crushed freeze dried strawberries. You can buy them here.

You can dip the rim of the milkshake glasses in chocolate syrup first or honey before adding the dusting of natural “strawberry confetti”.

Tools to Use



Strawberry Huller


Yield: 2 cups

Dairy Free Milkshake with Strawberries

Dairy Free Milkshake with Strawberries

This dairy free milkshake with strawberries is perfect if you're looking for a naturally sweet and healthy treat.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes




  1. Place freeze-dried strawberries in a plastic baggie, crush with a rolling pin and set aside.
  2. Put the strawberries, banana, dates, ice cream, almond milk and vanilla in the blender and blend until smooth. Set aside.
  3. Pour some chocolate syrup on a plate and dip the rim of the glasses.
  4. Finally, pour the strawberry shake in the glasses.
  5. Garnish with freshly sliced strawberries and serve.

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