Mumzy crowdfunding

Make a Mom’s Dream Come True (Maybe Yours) with Mumzy

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Mumzy crowdfunding

The story is typical, lots of big ideas but short on cash. If only funding an idea came as easy as the idea itself. Get to know a mom well enough and she will share her idea(s) of creativity, productivity and perhaps dreams of entrepreneurship. As moms, we are natural caretakers, managers, multi-taskers and strategists. It comes as no surprise that moms all over the world are creating products and businesses that are rocking our world.

There is one problem though, since moms are essentially the caretakers of the human race, let’s just say we have more than one important job to do and unfortunately, discretionary income does not always flow as freely as we would like.


That’s why www.mumzycom couldn’t come at a better time. Mumzy is a brand new up and coming crowd-funding site with moms in mind. The site, founded by mom and self proclaimed “idea-comer-upper” Catherine Merrit, is the missing link in a growing list of crowd-funding sites. Although still in it’s infancy, Mumzy is just what moms need to take their ideas from concept to reality. Start a Mumzy account and seek funding for your own project or donate to help others moms make their dreams of entrepreneurship a reality. One of the first 100 people to post a funding project to Mumzy will also have a chance to win a cool $1000 back towards their funding goals. The Christmas holidays may be long gone, but Mumzy is like the gift that keeps on giving.

I predict that the scope of projects seeking funding on Mumzy will continue to increase as more moms seek support from communities and groups that understand our unique struggles, and as a result can share our successes. To that end, Mumzy believes that the term “mom”, applies to many so, the best way to know if the community is good for you is to jump in and check it out!

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We were all created with a purpose. You owe it yourself, your kids and your community to give your ideas a fighting chance…because if you don’t fight for your ideas then who will?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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