The Kindness of a Stranger

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I would like to tell you about Calista.  Calista is a wife and mom of two and a Macy’s shopper.  Yesterday, I also found out that Calista doesn’t like to see anyone pay full price for anything.  Even if that person is a total stranger.

You see, I had some available “me time” yesterday and spontaneously decided to head into Macy’s for an outfit or two.  Spontaneously, can be a dangerous word though and not one frequently used to describe my personality.   If I had planned the trip to the department store I would had scoured my home and mail box for coupons before I left.  But instead, I headed to the store empty handed but enthusiastic that I would at least be getting the tax free discount for my state.

I found two incredible finds.  But as I was talking to the sales clerk about my purchases I discovered that one of my dresses was not on clearance as I had originally thought, and I would have to pay full price.  As I pondered whether the dress would be worthy of my purchase, Calista (the shopper behind me) chimed into the conversation.

“Can she use this?” She asked. Calista quickly showed me a 20% off coupon that she was holding.  The sales clerk responded, “She (meaning me) can’t use that unless she has a Macy’s credit card”.  My personal consumer advocate (Calista) quickly read the disclaimer on the coupon aloud. 

The bottom line…I left Macy’s with a beautiful dress on clearance and still got an extra 20% off.

Thanks Calista!

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