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Keep Your Baby Safe: 3 Hidden Hazards that You Should Know

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3 Hidden Hazards to Avoid to Keep Babies Safe
My baby boy born on July 8th

September is National Baby Safety Month. As a new “mama” of a baby boy, I am no different from other parents in doing every thing that I can to keep my baby safe. He is 2 months old today and he brings absolute joy to my heart. Once you are ready to bring a baby home from the hospital all warm and cozy, it is assumed that you already have certain things in place: a car seat, a warm safe place to sleep such a crib or bassinet, and lots of sanitizer are just a few things that immediately come to most people’s minds. But it may come as a surprise to many, that some of the very things designed to keep babies safe can be a hazards in disguise. Here are three hidden hazards that you should be aware of:

Infant/Baby Monitor

We love our baby monitor. We used it everyday with our daughter until she was about 2 years old. Now that we have an infant son, things are no different. I love the security of being able to see the baby from wherever I am in the home. But, it may come to a surprise to many that the very thing designed to keep the baby safe can pose an ominous danger to your bundle of joy. The cord attached to the infant monitor can be a baby strangulation risk if they got a hold of it. The best thing to do is secure the cord behind the crib and perhaps under a heavy piece of furniture so that your baby cannot pull the cord into the crib.

Car Seat

The car seat is at the basis of keeping a baby safe. As a matter of fact, having a car seat and having a car seat that is secured correctly is so important, that it is recommended to get your car seat checked by a certified inspector once it is installed to make sure it is safe. What you may not know though is, car seats come with a hidden risk that parents may not even know about. As a matter of fact, I just found out about this risk and I am a parent of two! You know the beautiful moment when you discover that your baby fell asleep in the car seat on the drive home and you tip toe inside (leaving the baby in the seat) as to not awaken the sleeping beauty?

Well, this is a big no,no! The straps of the car seat pose a risk of strangulation to the baby if left unbuckled. Even if you choose to leave your baby in the car seat to sleep, a recent study has shown that babies left in the car seat to sleep experienced diminished breathing. The bottom line here is don’t leave a baby in a car seat unattended. If they happen to fall asleep in the car seat while driving then that’s fine. Leave them in the car seat until you get to your destination. But, as soon as you get where you are supposed to go…take them out!


Baby blankets are at the cornerstone of every baby shower and every baby registry. They are soft, snuggly and keep the baby nice and warm. The problem is, keeping a baby blanket in the crib or wherever a baby is sleeping is a very bad idea. Baby blankets can inadvertently cover the baby’s nose and/or mouth and lead to suffocation. Instead of using a blanket, put the baby in a long sleeved fleece sleeper to keep them warm. You can also experiment with layering by putting on a onsie under a light sleeper to keep the baby warm. Of course, in either case you also need to be aware of potentially overheating the baby.

There is a fine balance between keeping your baby safe and putting them at risk of danger. Keep these tips handy, share them with your friends and family.

Let’s work together to keep our babies safe.

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