I Started a Health and Wellness Community, Here’s Why You Should Join

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There’s been a fire in my soul that I needed to address. I’d done a good job of talking and sharing about other things that I am passionate about but “this”, not so much. So God made it so that I wouldn’t get any rest until I did more.

I was trying to figure things out so I hinted that a change was coming, a while back. And if you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you probably already know what’s coming.

I started a health and wellness community called Healthy Rx. A community where moms can seek, share and grown from valuable health and wellness information in a safe and caring place. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m going to challenge your thoughts, and perceptions on what you think you already know about health and wellness…and that’s OK.

Here’s why you should join the Healthy Rx community:

I Care

No kidding. I think I actually care too much about your health and wellness and I probably don’t even know you. As you may know from reading the About Me page, I’m a licensed pharmacist turned full-time health and wellness seeker writing and sharing daily prescriptions for a healthy and stylish life. Having a dedicated space for a devoted health and wellness community allows me to do just that. And, I’m not watering it down either.

It’s Unfiltered

I had to say it again. I’m not watering down the content. If you’re in the community, I know that you’re ready to make some changes for real. Not all the “self care” crap that everyone talks about that is all about spa days and lattes. That OK…but how about getting to the meat of the matter. Healthy Rx is the real deal. Besides the healthy recipes that you’ve come to know and love, we’re already talking about things like naturopathic remedies to treat headaches, how much water to get each day and what’s the most abused anxiety drug. Yep…it’s all in the group.

Special Privileges and Sneak Peaks

One of the things I’ve decided offer is health coaching but, exclusively to the members of Healthy Rx. It’s something that I’ve been asked to do for years but I just didn’t make the time. Truthfully, health coaching is a lot of work and when you care like I do, you give it your all. Besides paid coaching, inside of Healthy Rx, you’ll get a closer look at what I eat, recommended activities and a behind the scenes look at how to attain true health and wellness. This includes inspirational stories, uplifting quotes and more to help you do self care the right way. Some other things are in the works but once you’re in Healthy Rx, you can be sure that you’ll be first to know.

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