Holistic Health Coach

Hi! I’m Dr. Lisa your holistic health coach. I have a doctorate degree in pharmacy with a holistic approach to health and wellness. It may surprise you to know that all parts of your body and areas of your life are interconnected.

Not only that, true health is often achieved through how you live and how you eat versus the prescriptions you take.

It’s more than just about the food but, it’s also all about food. As youe wellness coach, we will work together to peel back the layers on what’s ailing you and robbing you of vitality and well-being.

With your help, we can reach your goals of energy, health, wellness and weight loss without counting calories, carbs or fats.

I use holistic lifestyle changes, along with food, to get you the results you want. This is not about a diet, it’s about a lifestyle.

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As an expert in the gluten free, grain-free, low sugar and anti-inflammatory lifestyles, I am available for those transitioning and need support or don’t know where to start.

If you’re ready to peel back the layers and get to the core of what’s ailing you, I can help. It’s not magic though. Hard works reaps rewards.

What You Get in Your Wellness Plan

  • Two-50 minute virtual sessions a month
  • Delicious healthy recipes
  • A personalized approach to health and wellness
  • Email support

We Will

  • Determine your specific wellness plan
  • Work on rewiring the obstacles that have held you back from achieving optimal health
  • Set and track goals

I invite you to explore if holistic health coaching is right for you.

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