Getting Over the Challenges of Feeding Your Picky Eater

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Parents all over the world have been having this battle for years. Dinner tables across America have become virtual battle zones as little mouths scowl and frown at the thought of another taste challenge. But, there are things that parents can do to win the battle that ensues around mealtime.

Be Diverse in Your Meal Preparation

If your child has shown an aversion to eggs for example then, try preparing it in different ways. Try it boiled, fried or scrambled. Add cheese, meats, vegetables or condiments to jazz it up. Try serving the eggs in a sandwich or in a tortilla wrap for a change of taste. Sometimes it is not necessarily true that a child does not like a food versus that they may not like the textures of a food. Any preparation that will change the food’s texture may be worth a try.

Presentation is Key

If your child seems uninterested in a particular food, try changing the way it is presented; changing the way that you serve the “menacing food”, may be enough to get that discerning palette to try something new. Use bright enticing colors for cups and plates. Try looking for ways to make meal time more fun. Favorite characters may even have an affordable dinnerware collection that can be purchased. Laquan, mother of two, advises to try serving picky eaters food on a stick. She warrants that child friendly skewers (those without the pointy ends) can be easily found at any dollar store. The kids find the food on a stick more interesting than if you had served them that same food on a plate.

Get Sneaky

Puree cooked and/or soft fruits and vegetables and include them in malleable foods like meat loaf, breads and casseroles. The premise behind Jessica Seinfield’s New York Times bestseller, Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food.
Deceptively Delicious, was based on sneaking nutritious food like fruits and vegetables into meals that kids already love.

Be Artistic

Adding a few raisins to some oatmeal to reflect a smile or blueberries to a pancake batter to make a funny face are just a few ways to make the food more interesting to kids. Overall, making mealtime more fun by encouraging kids to get in on the action and adding lots of appeal whether by changing the meal preparation, using bright colors or being creative are great ways to get over the challenges of feeding a picky eater.

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