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One of the things that makes me happy is when fashion and comfort come together effortlessly. It doesn’t happen all the time so when it does, I am quite smitten. Picked up this trapeze dress from Nordstrom recently and it’s just as comfortable as can be.

leith crepe trapeze dress 5 felt hat

Get this look: Leith Crepe Dress, felt floppy hat, similar leopard print scarf, similar boots

The solid color makes it a great canvas for so many looks. I decided to pair the dress with a leopard scarf and felt hat. We’ve got another trip coming up soon and since this dress is so comfortable, I may just wear it on the flight.

magenta dress felt gray hat fall look

This look is simple and easy fall fashion. How could you not get excited about that?

leith crepe trapeze dress 4 felt hat

Oh and hats. We have a bit of a thing going on. I especially love wearing hats during the fall season.

felt hat 900x600

And let me tell you, not all hats play nicely with my hair. I think I may have to get the hinge floppy hat in black too. It only makes sense right? I guess you can say that I’m a bit smitten with fall fashion at the moment. It’s really not about buying a lot of clothes but buying quality pieces and knowing how to put them together.

fall leaves
leith crepe trapeze dress 3

For more slimming and less bulky look, this dress could definitely worn with a belt. But for this look I wanted something easy and carefree.

magenta dress felt gray hat 900x600

So hello again fall. Playing dress up is always fun. Let’s definitely do this again.

leith crepe trapeze dress 2 felt hat

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