Family Getaway: Family Friendly Fun in London (The Food)

London was such a blast, that I had to break it up into two separate posts. Time to talk about the food:
One word: Eclectic.

Hardwood Arms

The first and only London Pub to be awarded a Michelin Star.  This is the deal, I wanted to go to a London Pub, that we could take our toddler to, but did not want to be shrowded in smoke and testosterone overload.  The answer: Hardword Arms.

How unique is this bread holder?
Upgraded version of London Fish & Chips
English Beef
Lavender Custard
Rice pudding & “house” made donuts

No trip to London would be complete without having afternoon tea.  Having “tea” is an institution in London.  No place does “afternoon tea” better than the Ritz London.

The traditional tea menu offers 17 different types of tea and observes a formal dress code.  High demand requires that guests makes reservations up to 12 weeks in advance!

Delectable tea sandwiches & treats
The perfect scone

So that was London! If you missed it, read the first part of this London series. If you missed out on Sonoma, read about it here!  As part of this 4 part travel series, stop by next week when I will be writing about our family trip to Nemacolin, Pennsylvania.
Oh, and London has some of the best Indian food ever. Chor Bizarre, now holds a special place in my heart.

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