Choosing Faith Over Fear: If I Can Land a Plane You Can Do Anything

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If I can land a plane, you can do anything. You may not believe it now, but after you read my story hopefully I’ll convince you of your untapped superpower. Choosing faith over fear, means that you can do anything.

Choosing faith over fear. Woman landing plane

Saying that my family and I travel a lot is putting it mildly. It’s not abnormal for us to board a plane together every one to two months. As a matter of fact, travel is such an integral part of my family that we chose to homeschool our kids.

Choosing Faith Over Fear

But, there is something about me that most people don’t know. I’ve whispered it behind closed doors to select friends, but never in public or in an online forum.

That may not seem odd to you, but I built my whole business on online platforms and have shared many personal essays for well over a decade now.

When I was 16, my father boarded a private flight along with 4 other people (including one pilot), and he never made it back home.

Five people lost their lives that day in a tragic way.

Pausing here, as I’ve never typed or said that out loud before.

Five people lost their lives that day, never to return home again.

Losing a loved one to a plane crash is a club no one wants to be a part of. It’s a club that not many people understand.

It’s always an awkward situation when I’m vulnerable and let my secret out.

No one can offer words of “I’ve been there”, because thankfully, most people have never experienced that kind of loss.

When Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven others perished in a plane crash a few years ago, I was devastated with the rest of the world. But in a different way.

As much as I fly, old wounds quickly made their way to the surface at a moment’s notice. I was not prepared for the rush of emotions so many decades later.

So why am I putting this out here today?

Why I am going public with my wounds?

I had a unique experience earlier this week and it made me pause and think about not only how far I’ve come, but how sharing my story could help others.

I didn’t want to back away when I learned of an upcoming trip. My kids were beyond excited when we broke the news. If it’s one thing I don’t want to do, is rob my children of one of their biggest joys in the life.


So, earlier this week, my family of four boarded a private plane charter with a highly trained pilot on a day trip to Knoxville, TN. This was a 1.5 hour flight from my home.

In total, there were five people on that flight. Just as they had been five people on the flight (including my dad), so many years ago.

Our pilot, Michael, was a total professional.

So I prayed up, asked my mom to do the same and boarded the flight.

What happened next was totally unexpected. Sometime during the flight, Michael asked my groom if he wanted a chance to fly. My husbae jumped at the opportunity.

Soon thereafter, it was my nine year old son and then my 12 year old daughter. Let’s be clear, none of us have any experience flying, and Michael was the consummate professional.

Even so, I sat quietly while my family members took turns and headed to the front of the plane. Each of them having a chance to fly.

Landing the Plane

Choosing faith over fear. Woman lands plane 30 years after her father dies in a crash.

I sat in the middle of the small aircraft, trying to busy myself. The way a nervous student flips through their backpack busily looking for an invisible book so that the teacher doesn’t call on them. Essentially, hiding in the back of the class.

But, soon enough…I heard my name and I could not be invisible anymore.

Pilot: “Lisa, would you like to fly?”

Me: “Sure.”

I nervously made my way to the front as my kids watched. I couldn’t back away now. After all, the kids had already went ahead of me.

What kind of example would I be setting if I backed away?

As I strapped on my seat belt, that’s when the other shoe dropped.

Those words that will be etched in my mind forever.

Pilot: “You get to do the best part. You get to land the plane!”


I swallowed the lump in my throat as I heard my son over the headset.

“Mommy is going to land the plane? What?”

As any good mom, I assured my son that we were in good hands, when the truth is I needed some encouragement myself.

Michael sat steadfastly at the flight deck, instructing me on exactly what to do …never relinquishing total control of the aircraft.

With this guidance and with my precious family in tow, I landed a plane.

My groom captured it all on video because I don’t know if you’ve heard but…that’s what people do these days.

You never know what invisible wounds people carry and for how long they’ve carried them.

All I can say is, that’s my story. Life experiences can either suffocate the life out of you or become part of your fabric that gives others life and hope again.

Faith Over Fear Meaning

What does it mean to have faith over fear?

It doesn’t mean that you’re not scared or apprehensive about your next steps or what’s to come. It just means that you can choose to press forward, with God, in spite of it.

We often lean into the notion that anything can go wrong. But, there is so much more that can go right. My hope is that sharing my personal story helps you in whatever you may be struggling through.

What’s your story?

Is it finding love again?

Taking a leadership role?

Going back to school?

Leaving a career or job you hate?

Running past a generational illness?

Being the kind of parent that you always wanted to have?

Choose faith over fear.

I don’t know what your story is, but everyone has one.

What is the “plane” in your life that you need to land.

This is the sign that you’ve been waiting for.

If I can land a plane, YOU CAN DO ANYHING!

Land the plane!

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    Erica Mules

    Praise God who knew what you needed to heal and gave you the faith to do it! Thank you for sharing this special story!

    • avatar
      Dr. Lisa

      Exactly. HE was right on time and gave me the tools to make it through.

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