A Little About the Domestic Life Stylist

I am participating in Blog Bash 2011, and am reintroducing myself. My name is Lisa and I am the mother of one ( 1.5 yr old) and wife (10 yrs) of also of one;-).  I started this blog in the hopes of inspiring women to manage their life at home with finesse and style. Once, I started writing, I discovered that I […]

My Week in Review

This week had a “shaky” start thanks to an earthquake and now it is about to have a “soggy” end thanks to hurricane Irene.  What is happening on the east coast?!? One thing I won’t have is an empty stomach as I wait for “Irene” (as I like to call her), making her debut in the day […]

The Kindness of a Stranger

I would like to tell you about Calista.  Calista is a wife and mom of two and a Macy’s shopper.  Yesterday, I also found out that Calista doesn’t like to see anyone pay full price for anything.  Even if that person is a total stranger. You see, I had some available “me time” yesterday and spontaneously decided […]

9 month old Food Guide Day 4

Today, I prepared the following for my little pumpkin: Breakfast: turkey cuts, mashed avocado, mashed bananaLunch: Chicken vegetable/noodle soupSnack: ApplesauceDinner: Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and corn She has me in the palm of her hands.  I am basically her personal chef.  Zero jars of baby food this week and no trips to the store. Happy […]

About Me

Lisa is a busy mom and wife who is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to save money every day. She has discovered and continues to discover more and more ways that work for her and that she hopes will work for you. Trial and error, research and self discovery have been some of […]


Original Date: September 1, 2009 Hi! I am Lisa the author and creator of 21 Smart Ways to Save Money Now. If you have already read my book, then great!  I encourage you to share what you have learned.  If you have not, that’s fine too.  Life is full of many unique opportunities to save money.  My […]