BinZ (Home Organizing App) with Fun Giveaway

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with BinZ. All thoughts and opinions written here are my own. 

It’s starting to get warm around here. I mean, not you can stop wearing a jacket warm but…spring is around the corner warm. That makes me giddy with excitement. I want to take strolls in the park. I want to listen to the beautiful songs that the birds will sing. I want do some more organizing around the space I call home. I’m guessing you do too?

BinZ App

After a good bout of spring cleaning most people face of one of two challenges:
Challenge One: Where to put all of that “stuff”?

Challenge Two: Remembering where you put all that stuff.
In this tech savvy world, you kind of wish that there was a home inventory system to keep track of all our things.

But awe, there is! Recently I had the opportunity to give the app BinZ a try. Boy, do I love a good app. For a mere 99 cents, BinZ (a productivity app) gives users the capability to keep an inventory of pretty much whatever you want. Here is how it works:

Step 1: First fill out the screen fields as seen below. Fill out as little or as much info as you want. This is just a guide. Filling all the fields before use is not necessary.  As you can see, the content label allows you to itemize the exact contents of each “bin”.




Step 2: Next select the “Bin” type.




Step 3: Select Bin Location:


Step 4: Choose the category. By the way, many of the labels are customizable.  So if you don’t have an attic or want to create another category versus something already listed then no problem. Just edit the list and create labels that work for you.


Step 5: Take or choose a photo:


And you are done! The photo feature is what makes Bin Z so special. How great is it that you can just open the app and have a visual of the items you want to keep track of. Not only that, created bins/lists can be emailed or printed at your convenience. So you are not restricted to use Bin Z within the confines of the app.

Here are a few of the “Bins” I created when I was getting things organized around my home.


Do you see that first Bin on top? I am so excited that I now have a stellar way to keep track of some of my shoes that are stored in boxes.  A woman can’ t have too many right? Like these killer boots I just got…

Cowboy boots


Who would want to loose track of these beauties?


Some other ways to use Bin Z:

Keeping track of make up in your makeup case

Garage sales

Grocery shopping

Deep freezer inventory

Clothes shopping

Sports equipment

Organizing children’s clothing

Virtual albums of kid’s artwork


Keeping track of borrowed library items


Ready for some good news?

BinZ is giving 5 The Domestic Life Stylist readers free downloads of the app. 

Contest details: 

I’m going to make this really easy. Just leave a comment on the blog telling me how you would use the app. Five winners will be randomly chosen to win the downloads on Friday February 28th.

To make sure I can contact the winner via email please use the Rafflecopter form below. If you don’t want to wait for Friday, purchase your BinZ app in the iTunes app store.



a Rafflecopter giveaway

Code expires on
Sat Mar 22 10:24:23 PDT 2014
and is redeemable only on the iTunes Store for United States. Requires an iTunes account, subject to prior acceptance of license and usage terms. To open an account you must be above the age of 13 and in United States. Compatible software and hardware, and internet access (fees may apply) required. Not for resale. Full terms apply; see For more information, see This app is provided to you by
Zed New World, LLC 

Happy Organizing!

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    Nicole Robinson @MyCollegeBaby

    Those are some gorgeous boots you have there. I would use Binz for my large book collection and all the kids’ stuff.

  • avatar

    FOUND IT! Didn’t scroll down enough…this would get me started since Spring cleaning is on my (not too distant) to do list. 🙂

    • avatar

      Hey! I’m glad.

  • avatar
    Keshema Webbe

    I would use Binz for my family important documents, such as birth certificates, passports etc. I will also use it for cloths as well! What a great idea, I can’t wait to get started.
    K. Webbe

  • avatar
    Paula Michele Hafner

    I would use it to organize my attic, shed, and my son’s closet. I would also use it to keep track of what is in the deep freeze and the pantry. It would really be great for that !

  • avatar
    Rachel@{i love} my disorganized life

    I would use this app to keep track of all my crafting and sewing supplies! I’m always forgetting where things are!

  • avatar
    Mel (@MamaBuzz)

    Oh my gosh, Lisa, I’d use this for our garage. The garage has to be the hardest place to find things, it’s unreal. They really do have an app for everything, huh? So cool!

    • avatar

      I know Mel…don’t they? This one is so good. So worth the 99 cents.

  • avatar

    Love this! I would love to use this to keep track of what is in my pantry for when I am grocery shopping and meal planning!

  • avatar

    One of the many ways I would use this app is to assist my aunt with organizing her bins of photo albums. She is our family historian and has at least a thousand photo albums, which often presents a challenge when she is trying to locate a single photo. I can’t wait to put this app to good use!

  • avatar

    Having just relocated and having to downsize as my new home has very limited space this app can definitely help me remember what box or bin I’ve stored stuff away. I will definitely like the photo feature!

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