Best Healthy Father’s Day Recipes for Dad

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Father’s Day is upon us and the last thing you want to do is serve dad a cup of diabetes with a side of coronary bypass. If that’s you and you want your favorite guy to live a little longer and be a little healthier in the process, these recipes are it.

These are not your standard meat and potato recipes. He’ll get his meat and potatoes, but also veggies (even if we have to stick it in the potatoes), fruit (even if it’s mixed in the barbecue sauce) and a cold beer (even if it’s non-alcoholic and has a ton of anti-inflammatory benefits.

Strawberry Barbecue Hot Wings

Wing it! If your guy likes wings, these are the wings he needs to have. Oh yeah, it’s sweet and tangy too! If you haven’t tried these wings yet, you’re totally missing out.

Kale Mashed Potatoes

Give him a side of potatoes with his chosen meat, but loaded with kale and essential vitamins too.

Ginger Beer

immune boosting ginger beer
Caribbean Ginger Beer

OK, this is not the type of beer that will give him a buzz but, it surely has some immune boosting and anti-inflammatory benefits.



You gotta rock the guac. And this guacamole recipe is so good. If your guy is a bacon aficionado, feel free to top it with some crispy bacon too.

By the way, here’s where you can get good crispy bacon.

Chili con Carne

bowl of gluten free chili con carne

Ohh…this chili is meaty and good and you don’t even have to heat up the kitchen either. Do me a favor and go ahead and serve this one with a big hearty green salad alongside.

A healthy dose of phytonutrients will keep him lean and lean for many more years to come.

Now how’s that for a delicious Father’s Day meal?

Don’t forget, the gift of health is the one that keeps on giving.

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