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Baby Sleep Tips for Daylight Saving Time + (Giveaway-Closed)

Next Sunday we get to fall back an hour due to the end of Daylight Saving Time. There’s nothing like getting an extra hour of sleep. If you use your extra hour wisely that is. Moms of babies daydream of drifting into sweet slumber and awakening on their terms, not that of fussy, sick, hungry or wet baby. We can all dream can’t we? The thing is, because Daylight Saving Time doesn’t end until 2am on Sunday morning, a little planning can reap big rewards in the sleep department for both you and your baby. So here are my baby sleep tips for Daylight Saving time and any time for that matter.

This post was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Pampers. I did receive the featured product free of charge in order to facilitate the reveiw. But as always, all opinions are 100% mine.”

Baby Sleep Tips for Daylight Savings Time

Keep a routine

Children thrive on routine and babies are no different. Follow the sequence dinner, bath, story, prayers, bedtime. Depending on your baby’s age, dinner may be a bottle, nursing, baby food or your baby may already be on regular solids by now. But whether your baby is on solids or not, the most important thing is to use bedtime routines to set the stage for good sleep habits later on. The eve of Daylight Saving Time will should be no different than any other day

Be Consistent

What ever the routine you develop for your baby, be consistent about it. Initially, especially for newborns, it will seem like having a bedtime routine is quite futile. But, believe me when I say that you will reap the rewards by the bucket fulls. I know because I have a 4 year old and 15 month old that both sleep through the night and have been doing so every since they were capable. Now, of course I read a few baby sleep books to help get us there but, believe me when I say being consistency is a key. You want to establish a predictable routine that your baby will not only come to expect, but look forward to and appreciate. Remember, contrary to what you may have heard, babies actually want and need to be trained to develop good sleep habits. It’s our job to get them there.

Avoid Distractions

If you want your baby to have a good night, then you have to limit distractions not only during bedtime but, at least 2 hours before bedtime as well. This means no phones, electronics, loud music, TV or stimulating activities before bedtime. Not only that, putting your baby in a diaper that will hold up to leaks for hours on end is important too.

Pampers has three absorbent layers that provide up to 12 hours of protection. That’s what I call, working overtime. The last thing I want when I put our sweet boy down for the night, is a premature awakening caused by a wet or leaky diaper. Pampers have always been our diapers of choice and they stand up to the twelve hours of slumber that our baby has gets just about every night.

Since Pampers wants you and your baby to have a restful sleep and limit sleep disruptions, there will be a Daylight Twitter party on Wednesday October 29th at 9pm EST, with sleep tips and lots of great prizes.

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  • avatar

    be consistent with bedtime routines

  • avatar
    Melissa M

    Routines, routines, routines!

  • avatar

    Keep to a schedule at all costs and make sure anyone taking care of the baby knows what it is.

  • avatar

    Give a little bit of milk before bed.

  • avatar

    Have a dark room.
    Light is distracting and don’t have the house completely quiet.
    If you do the baby may only be able to sleep in silence,there fore mommy gets nothing done 😉

    • avatar

      Love this tip about not having completely quietTabitha. I made this rookie move the first time around.

  • avatar
    Kelly D

    My tip is to swaddle baby.

  • avatar
    Mary Happymommy

    We use a white noise machine.

  • avatar
    Jessica Beard

    Always use a routine! We like to do baths, stories, songs, and prayers.

  • avatar

    We have twins and they have been on the same schedule since birth – it’s been SO helpful with getting them to sleep

  • avatar
    rachel jenkins

    bath always 🙂

  • avatar
    Tari Lawson

    Don’t run in to check on your child the moment they begin crying. Give them a few minutes to see if they can self soothe and get themselves back to sleep. They will often surprise you.

  • avatar

    Routine is so important!

  • avatar
    Nicole Vosburgh

    Use a sleeping machine for background noise.

  • avatar
    shelly peterson

    staying on a sleep routine is important.

  • avatar

    Have your child sleep patterns be on a routine, also give your child a warm bath before they go to bed.

  • avatar
    anne stewart

    use a white noise machine!

  • avatar

    My best tip is to have a strict bedtime routine.

  • avatar

    I try to keep the family on a routine

  • avatar
    Susan Chester

    I like to give a little neck and back massage to help a little one sleep.

  • avatar

    Put your toddler to bed earlier rather than later:)

  • avatar
    Kenny Hall

    We use Halo Sleepsacks 🙂

  • avatar
    Denise Konkel

    Take a warm bath before bed.

  • avatar
    beth shepherd

    Keep to the routine and a good warm bath before bed always helps.

  • avatar

    Warm bottle before going to sleep

  • avatar
    Dianne Hall

    A nice bath before bedtime

  • avatar
    Erica B.

    Make your room as dark as possible.

  • avatar
    Lisa V.

    Daily exercise always helps me sleep

  • avatar

    keep to a schedule

  • avatar

    sing to baby to calm him

  • avatar
    Stephanie Larison

    A bath with lavender helps amazingly! We tried this with our 2 month old last night and she slept the best ever.

  • avatar

    I like to put on some of my favorite light jazz CD’s and put on the night light. This always helps him sleep so soundly with sweet dreams.
    Laurie Emerson

  • avatar
    Brittney House

    My tip is to limit food and snacks before bedtime.

  • avatar
    Megan Filzen

    Sleep with the Temp at 62 degrees and sleep nude (weightloss tip too)

  • avatar
    Em Mahr

    My best tips is to stick with a routine – it makes bedtime so much easier!

  • avatar
    susan smoaks

    keep your routine it will make sleep easier

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