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Hey there! I’m Lisa. So awesome for you to stop by. Stay a while, won’t you and get know the person behind The Domestic Life Stylist.


email: Lisa@theDomesticLifeStylist.com

A blurb about me.

I am so glad that you are starting this journey with me. I was born and raised in the Caribbean but have a style that is all my own. I now live in the Washington DC metro area with my family of four (which includes a 4 and 8 year old) and we are a homeschoooling which is great especially since both my kids caught the travel bug early on.

Dad is often the one behind the camera.

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mom and kiddies going for ice creamI’ve always found my bliss in food, travel, fashion but my childhood crush on science led me to pursue a doctorate degree in pharmacy. Fast forward a few years and I now know that food is the vehicle to which we heal.

I did a few small pageants back in the day, so I don’t mind striking a pose.

Black and White in France
Black and White in France

Talk to my mom, and she will tell about the time that I ordered a lobster tail on my 12th birthday or how I used to throw together gourmet salads in grade school.

Most days I try not to take myself too seriously and my “fish face” is second to none. At the end of a day, I’m just like any other pharmacist turned wellness and style maven. So kick off your blue suede heels and grab a cup of green tea…it’s about to get good.

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