81 Tip for Fine Living

81 Tips for Fine Living

The ability to live one’s life with style and refinement is what I call fine living. Fine Living is a choice as much it is a lifestyle and if you want to live life more fully and vibrantly then you have come to the right place. The purpose of The Domestic Life Stylist is to direct readers to goods, products, resources and services that will help cultivate a life that is filled with finesse and style. Living a rich life is not just for the rich.

81 Tips for Fine Living

Each person is responsible for styling the life that they want to live. So why not style a life that is beautiful, breathtaking and fabulous?

Here some easy ways to incorporate fine living into your everyday life:


  1. Shop the farmers market when available
  2. Incorporate greens like kale into your family’s diet
  3. Use center cut bacon
  4. Serve yogurt parfait in a fancy glass
  5. Use fresh herbs
  6. Make pancakes from scratch
  7. Make “fancy sounding” meals like frittata at home
  8. Try some superfoods
  9. Avoid the dirty dozen
  10. Use real chocolate for homemade hot chocolate
  11. Use fresh garlic
  12. Try a new recipe
  13. Make your own baby food at home
  14. Upgrade the classics
  15. Eat foods in season
  16. Indulge in dark chocolate
  17. Use maple syrup instead of “pancake syrup”
  18. Use fresh cracked pepper
  19. Activities

  20. Throw a fancy tea party
  21. Have a mom’s night out
  22. Throw at least one marvelous party
  23. Enjoy each season
  24. Make amazing target=”_blank”>memories with your family
  25. Watch the sunset
  26. Visit the pumpkin patch every year
  27. Have a staycation: act like a tourist
  28. Travel

  29. Take a fabulous trip
  30. 28.Visit a swanky hotel

    29.Get a passport

    30.Plan to travel at least once a year

    31.Embrace travel at every age, every stage of life



    32.Buy a hotel robe or invest in your own

    33.Set the table

    34.Pull out fine dinnerware during the week…not just special occasions

    35.Do something amazing with family photos

    36.Keep fresh flowers and real plants in your home

    37.Buy a custom rubber stamp

    38.Get matching hangers

    39.Hire a house cleaner

    40.Buy some Egyptian cotton sheets

    41.Play jazz, light classical music during busy times like when getting dinner ready

    42.Light candles and use amazing scents to create ambiance



    43.Buy full size versions of sample products you love

    44.Try a different hairstyle

    45.Find a great hat

    46.Tailor clothes for a great fit

    47.Invest in statement jewelry

    48.Whiten your smile

    49.Treat yourself to a pedicure

    50.Buy a bold new lipstick

    51.Exfoliate your skin

    52.Shape your eyebrows

    53.Invest in quality clothing basics

    54.Wear sunscreen



    55.Begin each day in gratitude and prayer

    56.Fuel your passion

    57.Write hand written notes

    58.Take professional family photos

    59.Go to dinner just because

    60.Take fabulous photos using posing tricks and secrets…celebrities don’t have to have all the fun

    61.Get rid of mismatched and worn-out underwear

    62.Get a cool app

    63.Buy flowers just because

    64.Draw a bath

    65.Explore other cultures

    66.Celebrate your birthday every year

    67.Actually try most of the things you “pin

    68.Discover your signature fragrance

    69.Deviate from “safe” fonts (Times New Roman, Arial )

    70.Outsource tasks that you don’t enjoy

    71.Send customized Christmas cards

    72.Only patronize businesses you love

    73.Learn a new language

    74.Choose a personal theme song

    75.Use personalized stationary

    76.Buy new toss pillows

    77.Dance like no one is watching

    78.When you have the option to monogram or personalize- Do it

    79.Find ways to get active

    80.Live the life of your dreams

    81.Live life at home with finesse and style

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    Thanks so much for linking to my chamomile and orage sugar scrub to exfoliate! 🙂

    • avatar

      My pleasure. Looks devine.

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    Jay Norman

    In the pursuit of fine living, I’m going to work on #32. Maybe it’s just my family, but it’s how busy families can get to the point that we don’t think to set the table, something we only do on the weekends.

    • avatar

      No it’s just not you…some days will always be better than others. People live busy lives. Good thing we get to start over every 24 hours.

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    jessica matier (@AW2SL)

    I totally agree with your list and find that I already do lots of these things. I love it!

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    Barbara Hoyer

    Such a great list! My kids love it when I light candles for dinner. I think I’ll surprise them tonight.

    I’d love for you to share this list at my Motivation Monday linky party: http://www.alifeinbalance.net/motivation-monday-linky-party-81/

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    Aw, just wanted to say thanks for including my week of hairstyles in this awesome roundup! I just today bought myself a little statement necklace, and I think next up is some eyebrow grooming! 🙂

    • avatar

      Yes…eye brow grooming is my trick for making it look like I have it together, even if I may not. It just takes five minutes and between 10-20 bucks. An instant face lift!

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    Alli Miller @ Cupcake Diaries

    Love it! Thanks for sharing this great list! Just came over from Mom It Forward.

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      Thanks for stopping over Alli.

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    Great tips! Introducing a little beauty into the every day isn’t as difficult as it sounds!

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      Sometimes it really is the simple things.

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    jyl from @momitforward

    I really love seeing such a comprehensive list. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring me today!

  • avatar

    I like this list. I do some of these but certainly can add in more. I did serve takeout on cut glass last week though. 🙂

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      Yay! It’s all about the presentation.

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    I absolutely love this list! Everyone can create a fabulous lifestyle.

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