5 Women that Didn’t Let their Age Stop their Dreams

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Do you have a dream? Whether big or small, you need to know something. Your dream is important. Your dream matters. You dream is achievable. And no matter how old you are, there is still time to make your dreams a reality. Fast paced business magazines may paint a different picture, but you haven’t aged out of making your dreams come true. NO! There’s a good reason why this post, “How to Live the Life of Your Dreams“, is the most pinned post on this site.

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As long as you have the drive, the vision and the determination, your dreams are just as attainable as that teenager that lives down the street. Your dreams are just as attainable as final American Idol winner Trent Harmon’s. And they are just as attainable as that sweet baby that you cuddle to sleep every night. Because until you have taken your final breathe, God isn’t done with you yet.

Here are five women that didn’t let their age stop their dreams. Use their stories to fuel you and inspire you. Share their stories with friends, pin them and re-read them as a constant reminder to keeping moving forward. If she can do it, so can you.

Bethany Frankel

After acting didn’t take off and Bethany Bakes didn’t quite garner the kind of success Bethany Frankel was looking for, it wasn’t until age 39 that the reality star and business woman created the SkinnyGirl cocktails and found major success.

Susan Boyle

There is no such thing as an overnight success. Boyle started performing in school musical performances at the age of twelve. Amidst personal losses and setbacks, the undeterred singer did not gain popular acclaim until her appearance on America’s Got Talent at 48 years old.

Diana Nyad

At 64 years old, Diana Nyad became the first women to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark protective cage. What you may not know is when Diana finally succeeded in 2013, that was actually her 5th try in 35 years! Yes, you read that correctly. It took Diana 35 years to achieve her dream. But guess what? She did it.

Paula Dean

The newly divorced mom of two didn’t start her catering company until she was in her 40’s with her last $200 hundred dollars. However, it wasn’t until her mid 50’s when Paula Dean got her own show on Food Network.

Mary Kay Ash

Mary Kay started Mary Kay cosmetics one month after her husband died at the age of 45 using a $5000 investment from her son. Fast forward many years later and Mary Kay cosmetics has over 3 millions consultants world wide.

What are you dreaming of? Leave it in the comments. Saying it publicly is the one of the first steps in making your dream a reality.

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    I love to inspire others. I envision a world where people value themselves and understand that “they’re bodies are their temples”. I hope to encourage healthy living through constant movement and strength training even if it takes me 50 years to accomplish; I won’t give up!

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      So proud of you. And I know you won’t give up. You’ve already impacted numerous lives…more than you will ever know. This is your destiny Willa.

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