5 Things I’m Loving Lately

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When I come across something good, I just have tell somebody. So from time to time, I’ll tell you about the products I’m going crazy for. Should we call it Lisa’s Favorite things? I’m sure you’ve never heard that one before. But whatever you want to call it, just know that if it makes it on this list, it has to be good.

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I’ve included my affiliate links below.

Moo Business Cards

I recently got the word that I am being sponsored to the attend the Build Your Blog 2015 Conference in Salt Lake City by Taste of Home. Yay! The first thing I did was re-order my Moo business cards. My stash was seriously running low. I updated the design a bit from last years version but, overall it’s still the same feel.

BlendTec blender

In case you haven’t heard, I’m still ranting and raving about my new BlendTec blender that I used on this Let’s Talk Live cooking demo. I used it to make the Berrylicious Banana Kale Smoothie. I’ll write more about the BlendTec and the features I just can’t get enough of in an upcoming post.

Strawberries and Nutella

There was a sale on Nutella and so I brought some home. Yeah…that’s the end of that story.


Photos deserve to be displayed, if you are keeping your photos captive in your phone or digital devices you should consider letting them come out to play. WeMontage is photo removeable wall paper for your home, office or wherever. I love ours.

H2O Spa Hand And Nail Cream

One thing I can’t stand is dry skin. I mean, who does? Of course, the winter air can make dry skin even harder to combat. Ever since I came across this H2O Spa Hand And Nail Cream, I try to keep some around.

The Republic of Tea, Emperor’s White Tea

I may or may not be serial tea drinker. It used to be mostly green tea in my cup but every since I found out that white tea has even more anti-oxidants than green, I’ve been saying “Fill me up! Of course I am so into the packaging too.

That’s it Dlifestylers. Just a little bit of what I’ve been “loving” lately. Have you tried any of these products? Or maybe, there is something else you’d like me to try. Tell me about it.

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    Jay Norman

    Cool tips! I especially liked WeMontage.

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      So great for all those vacation and family photos. I think you’ll like it.

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