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5 Things I’m Loving About January

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I’m not going to kid around. January is not my favorite month at all. But, living in gratitude means that you have to find something to be grateful for even with the things that you don’t necessarily like.

Oh and about January, it’s nothing personal really. It’s just that it’s too cold for barbecues, amusement parks and getting lost in gardening. That’s all. But, with only 4 more days left in January, I can truly say that I’m thankful.

love about january

Here are 5 things I’m loving about January.

The First Big Snow

So, I don’t love the snow but, I always do look forward to the first big snow fall of the season. It’s pretty to watch, awful to clean up after. I just didn’t think that our snow day would be named Snowzilla and one of the top five snow storms in DC, (number one in Baltimore record books)!

I even got outdoors and played in the snow a bit.
Although we are still slowly digging our way out, who can be upset with a little extra family time.

Warming Up with Soup

creamy carrot ginger soup
Roasted Carrot Ginger Soup

Soup is just so good for the soul. Dipping temperatures are the perfect excuse to warm up with a bowl of carrot ginger soup. I predict more “soup days” in the near future.

Movie Watching

Have you watched any good movies lately? It’s been a while since I’ve watched a good movie but, coming across this “Best Snow Day” movies list has given me a renewed zeal. Since we were blessed to have electricity during the entire storm, that was the perfect excuse to watch a good family flick.

Happy Feet

it was!

DC Restaurant Week

Does your city participate in restaurant week? If they do, it’s time to give it a try. There are 238 restaurants participating in DC restaurant week this year. Since the event has been extended to February 3, I have high hopes of getting a date in. Let’s see how that goes. Prix fixe 3 course meals are just $22 for lunch and $35 dollars for dinner. Memories of some of my favorite DC scene food spots still dance in my head.

Snuggling with the Kiddos

Colder weather means that we are spending more time indoors and that’s prime time snuggle time. The kids enjoy curling up with a good read and these books are some of our favorites.

I bet you didn’t think January would speed by so fast. But alas, we are already turning the chapter on the first month of the New Year.

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