Hurricane Irma St. Thomas. supplies you need for a hurricane

48 Supplies You Need For Hurricane Season

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The Atlantic hurricane season is from June 1st to November 30th with September being the peak of the hurricane season. We’ve already had 3 major storms since the season has began and the season is long from over. Two of the three storms were category five hurricanes (Hurricane Irma and Maria) and devastated my island home a mere 12 days apart. I’ve lived through my fair share of hurricanes and it’s nothing easy.

Hurricane Irma St. Thomas. supplies you need for a hurricane

While we can’t stop the fury of Mother Nature, there are some things that you can do to be better prepared especially during the aftermath of storm. Here is my ultimate list of supplies to have on hand during hurricane season. These will help you during and after the storm.

  1. Batteries (AA, D, C)
  2. Emergency weather radio
  3. Bottled water (5 days worth per person)
  4. First aid kits
  5. Canned fish
  6. Canned beans
  7. Cereal
  8. Fruit and nut/granola bars
  9. Bath towels
  10. Propane stove
  11. Portable fans
  12. Pet food
  13. Baby food
  14. Baby formula
  15. Solar powered phone chargers
  16. Mosquito repellent
  17. Large garbage bags
  18. Cooler
  19. plastic forks & spoons
  20. paper plates
  21. Toothpaste
  22. Floss
  23. Toilet Paper
  24. Baby Diapers
  25. Adult Diapers
  26. Fruit cups/canned fruit
  27. Nuts
  28. Peanut butter
  29. Dried Fruit
  30. Hand sanitizer
  31. Canned opener
  32. Baby Diapers
  33. Adult Diapers
  34. Bath soap
  35. Deodorant
  36. Boxed milk
  37. Canned soup
  38. Crackers
  39. Roof Tarp
  40. One month’s worth of any prescriptions
  41. Women’s sanitary supplies
  42. Flashlight
  43. Pain reliever
  44. Boxed juice drinks
  45. Canned vegetables
  46. Bath soaps
  47. Paper towels
  48. Battery inverter
  49. Thanks to my second mama for providing the photo. Hunker down and be safe.

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