43 Free Apps for Kids (iPad and iTouch)

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April is National Autism Awareness Month.  You probably know at least one person with autism.  But, even if you don’t, I came across a great list of free apps (whether your child has autism or not), that any parent will find beneficial.  I have already started to work my way through the list and have found several great programs that we will put to use.

Here is the list. Enjoy!

  1. Catalyst HD
  2. RA Behavior Tracking
  3. Work System (Autism)
  4. Social Skill Builder
  5. ABA Problem Solving-What Does Not Belong
  6. PCS Bingo
  7. PCS Vocabulary Flash Cards
  8. Speech Therapy-I love Mom Picture Gift
  9. Articulation Flip Books
  10. PCS Word Scramble
  11. Sort It Out 1
  12. Color SlapPs
  13. PCS Articulation Flash Cards
  14. Touch and Say
  15. Match It Up 1
  16. Match It Up 2
  17. PCS Rhyming Flash Cards
  18. What’s Different 1
  19. What’s Different 2
  20. 123 Domino
  21. Let’s Build a Bedroom
  22. My Profession
  23. Meet the Vowels
  24. Kids IQ
  25. Speak Colors
  26. Easter with Bunny, Rabbit and Me
  27. Matrix Basic
  28. Be Smart Kids
  29. Ready for Kindergarten
  30. Memo-Game
  31. Fluidity HD

ABA Kindergarten.com Apps

  1. Sight Words
  2. Flash Cards-Food
  3. Flash Cards-Famous Places
  4. Flash Cards-Earth Science
  5. Flash Cards-Emotions
  6. Flash Cards-Alphabet
  7. Flash Cards-Vehicles
  8. Flash Cards-Sports
  9. Flash Cards-Actions
  10. Flash Cards-Animals
  11. Problem Solving-What Rhymes?
  12. Receptive Identification- By Class

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