December 18 , 2013

Peppermint Ice cream bites

Chocolate Peppermint Ice Cream Bites

I am part of the Mom it Forward Blogger Network. As part of this network, this is a compensated post sponsored by The National Frozen Food and Refrigerated Association (NFRA).  This post is driven by passion.  All yummy recipes and opinions are 100% my own. The frozen and refrigerated sections  of the grocery store are […]

Parmesan Herb Breadsticks

Parmesan Herb Breadstick Bundles

If you are looking for a way to “round out” your next meal, try these Parmesan Herb Breadstick Bundles. They are super easy to make and are sure to be a favorite. Oh, and  the best part is they go from oven to table in less than 20 minutes. Little effort…impact! Linky Love Bread

Orange Cranberry Oatmeal

Orange-Scented Cranberry Oatmeal

I really like oatmeal… maybe a little too much. It’s quick. It’s versatile. It’s healthy and yummy. So when we had way too many cranberries left over from Thanksgiving recently…I made Orange-Scented Cranberry Oatmeal of course. Isn’t that what you would do?  This oatmeal is a delicious change from the “norm”. Cranberries, orange zest and […]