September 30 , 2010

9 month old Food Guide Day 4

Today, I prepared the following for my little pumpkin: Breakfast: turkey cuts, mashed avocado, mashed bananaLunch: Chicken vegetable/noodle soupSnack: ApplesauceDinner: Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and corn She has me in the palm of her hands.  I am basically her personal chef.  Zero jars of baby food this week and no trips to the store. Happy […]

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Lisa is a busy mom and wife who is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to save money every day. She has discovered and continues to discover more and more ways that work for her and that she hopes will work for you. Trial and error, research and self discovery have been some of […]

Food Ideas for 9 Month Old Day 3

Original Date: September 29, 2010 Day 3 (Continuation of Baby Menu) Breakfast- oatmeal with applesauceLunch- Plain applesauce with yogurtDinner- Chicken Vegetable/Noodle Soup As you can see, my baby girl is not that picky.  I actually, made enough soup on day one to last her the whole week.  That saves me lots of time.  So, do not […]

Food Ideas for 9 month Old Day 2

Original Date: September 29, 2010 On day 2, this is what  I prepared for my dear baby daughter. Breakfast:  Banana and yogurtLunch: Squash soup with ham piecesSnack: Apple SauceDinner: Chicken Vegetable/Noodle Soup It surely does save money using  what you have on hand to make your baby’s food.  I should also mention that I nurse […]

Food Ideas for 9 month old baby

Orginal Date: September 27, 2010 Recently a friend of mine asked me, “What types of foods are you preparing for your 9 month old daughter”?  As I responded to her, I thought about how many times I have been asked that question and how many new moms appear to be a little confused about what […]


Original Date: September 1, 2009 Hi! I am Lisa the author and creator of 21 Smart Ways to Save Money Now. If you have already read my book, then great!  I encourage you to share what you have learned.  If you have not, that’s fine too.  Life is full of many unique opportunities to save money.  My […]