12 Days of Gift Giving Day 12

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Don’t worry. If you’ve gotten this far in the gift giving series and still haven’t purchased your Christmas gifts, I’m not judging you. In many ways, I’d say we’ve saved the best for last. I’m talking about buying experience gifts from group buying sites. Again, like day 11, there’s no wrapping paper to worry about.

Most importantly, you can find something for everyone on your Christmas shopping list. Here are some of my favorite places to buy these gifts.
You can buy anything from travel to food deals on LivingSocial. When gifting for holidays, think beauty, spa, massages, arts and entertainment.
Of course I love that LivingSocial you can earn 4% cashback using Ebates.

If you’re not signed up, make sure you use my referral link to get a $10 bonus when you sign up for this free service. It been amazing to see the savings pile up over the holiday shopping season. I did 100% of my Christmas shopping online and let’s just…I’m in the green.

Here’s a list of retailers offering double cashback on purchases through December 24th. I just found out that Ebates now offers in store cashback for some retailers as well.
You still get the most bang for your buck when shopping online though. So use my referral code to get started on earning cashback with that experiential gift.

Groupon is another vendor that offers incredible experiential gifts. As a matter of we my family and I just used Groupon last night to attend ICE at the Gaylord National and it was wonderful. Earn 6% cashback on your Groupon gift if you’re an Ebates member.

If you want to give your loved ones a gift they will never forget, then look no further than Cloud9Living. Gifts like these just can’t fit under a tree.

According to Cloud9living, “he doesn’t want a sweater, he wants an experience”. I’m taking about experiences like learning how to fly, driving a Lamborghini and golf lessons with a PGA pro.

Pretty cool right? Plus you can earn cashback using your Ebates account.

See, finding the right gifts for the right people isn’t all that bad is it. And you did it right from the comfort of home. If you missed any of my 12 Days of Christmas gift picks, you can find them here.

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Happy Shopping!

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