10 Delightful Reasons to Take Your Kids to Legoland California

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My family and I had the opportunity to take in the sites and sounds of Legoland California recently and it was so much fun. Since my children are on the younger side (2 and 5 years old), it’s important that amusement parks include lots of options apart from the typical few rides quarantined to the corner of a park.

Legoland California

(The following post contains affiliate links)

We felt quite comfortable at Legoland, and had a myriad of activities to choose from. Just to give you some perspective, our children didn’t own any LEGO blocks before this trip. But, I think it’s safe to say that the 2-12 year old set will definitely feel at ease at this park.

  1. First Visit Buttons

legoland button

Want to make your kid really feel special? There are two things that work like no other: stickers and buttons or pins. Stickers lose their potency in older kids but there is nothing like a good button. If it’s your first visit, ask a uniformed employee about those buttons once you enter the park and then be sure to wear them with pride.

  1. Duplo Playtown

duplo playtown

If you have young children (I would say crawling to about five years old), Duplo Playtown is a must. Activities at Duplo include block playing, slides and even a little train ride.

in train at Duplo playtown
  1. Apple Fries

apple fries

Did someone say apple fries? I’d never heard of such a thing. Oh, it’s just fried apples heavenly dusted in cinnamon and sugar? Well, that’s all you had to say! If you are one of those folks that like cinnamon apples…actually even if you prefer good ole’ homemade apple pie, then this treat is for you.

legoland apple fries
  1. Face Painting

face paint

What child doesn’t love getting their face painted? At Legoland kids can do all the regular amusement park stuff (shows and rides) or come back to the basics and get their faces painted. Avoid long lines by getting your children’s faces painted while other amusement park guests are munching on lunch.

train at duplo playtown

Better yet, if you take your “littles” soon after the park opens, not only will the lines be shorter but the kids will get to wear their artful masterpieces for a longer period of time. Trust me, you’ll want to take that into consideration after you cough up between $13.99 and $19.99 for a face painting. Ahem.

  1. Kids Eat Free After 5PM

kids eat free

Depending on when you read this post, this deal may or may not still apply. But, as of June 2015, kids eat free at Legoland after 5pm until August 22nd. Sounds like a great deal to get families to stay longer and not leave the park for dinner. If I were to guess, I would say that this deal will be back next summer. But the best way to be sure, is to call ahead of your trip and ask.

pizza and pasta restaurant at Legoland

If you plan on hanging out at Legoland for dinner, just know that the lines can get really long.

  1. It’s Socially Acceptable for Adults to Ride the Merry Go Round

Merry go round

When you see a Merry-Go-Round don’t you just want to get on? Me too!

  1. Heartlake City

Friends Forever Stage

Legoland California recently opened their newest attraction. It’s called Heartlake City. The biggest excitement about Heartlake city surrounds the forever stage and the performances that take place there.

friends forever stage Legoland

If you have girls, make sure you take them to see the show.

  1. Lego Art

legoland tarantula

Lego “art” is all around at Legoland so keep your eyes open and always have a camera ready.

friends forever life size legos
  1. Buddy’s Dance Party

buddy's dance party

Buddy’s Dance party is just what it seems like. It’s a open dance and interactive party where kids can just have a good time.

buddy dance party legoland

There are hula hoops, dancing, games and just a whole lot of kid fun.

  1. The Hideaways


On your trip to Legoland California, be sure to visit the Hideaways. It’s like a playground on steroids.

playground at Legoland

There are tunnels, twists, turns, climbs and slides that are not to be missed. And in the middle of all of that,

playing with blocks at Legoland

…blocks of course. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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