Evolution Fresh Sweet Greens

Evolution Fresh: Juicing without a Juicer

Every once in a while I come across something in the grocery aisle that I have to tell you about. Last time, it was Mama Chia’s vitality snack. Today however, I want to tell you about Evolution Fresh. Evolution Fresh sells juices, snacks and smoothies.

Evolution Fresh Sweet Greens

I’m really loving the Evolution Fresh Sweet Green and Lemons. This juice packs a punch with ingredients like kale, lemon, cucumber, celery, apple, spinach and lime. If you didn’t know, I have a fascination will all things kale as seen in this sauteed kale with lemon, and berrilicious banana kale smoothie recipes. Last year’s first attempt at planting some kale didn’t go too well but, I picked up some seeds today and soon we’ll be back at it again.

Now back to the juice…

All the Evolution Fresh juices are cold pressed so when it’s bottled you are getting maximum nutrients for your buck…unless of course you juiced it yourself. Now, don’t be fooled, freshly pressed juice is still my number one pick like this kale, apple, cucumber, carrots and celery blend.

But, if you want to grab something on the go…this is a great pick. Try swapping this out for your daily mocha, caffeine or bottled juice fix. We purchased this from our local organic market but, Evolution Fresh juices can also be found in Starbucks as well as other grocery stores. What do you think? Will you give it a try. It really is leafy goodness in a bottle.


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