Christmas books for kids

3 Christmas Books to Read with Your Kids this Holiday

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One of my favorite activities to do with the children is cuddle up with a good book. As I interviewed several moms as part of the Mom Style series, I discovered that my family aren’t the only ones that take our book reading seriously. During the Christmas holidays, I love swapping out some of our favorites and adding Christmas books to the mix.

Christmas books for kids


Feel free to explore these books as you take a look at our Christmas book favorites.

It’s even better during Christmas because we cuddle under a blanket and get nice and comfy with our book reading. So I thought that I would share with you some of our Christmas book favorites. Maybe, they’ll become some of your kids’ holiday reading favorites too.

The Christmas Unicorn

So I admit that I thought I wasn’t going to like this story at first because in my mind, a unicorn has nothing to do with Christmas…and it really doesn’t.  But, the unicorn is a symbolism for a bigger message which you just can’t miss.

Elf on the Shelf:A Christmas Tradition (light boy scout elf)

Since the Elf on the Shelf busted onto the toy scene, it has taken over. Not only is there the traditional Christmas Elf on the Shelf but now, there is also a  The Elf on the Shelf – A Birthday Tradition too.  The whole point of the Elf on the Shelf is that the mischievous Elf is placed in a different scenario every morning. Well, we haven’t figured out a way to sneak it out of our daughter’s room at night since she insists on the Elf never leaving her side. I know that she is not supposed to sleep with him but, I am perfectly fine with that.

I was actually pleasantly surprised to read the Elf on the Shelf story and discover that besides Santa and the elves, baby Jesus and the Christmas story made a cameo.

The Story of Christmas

It’s the traditional Christmas story in a 3D “pop up” book. The kids love seeing the pages come to life.


First Snow

So this book is not about Christmas but, it’s a whole lot of fun. Whether your children have already experienced their first snow of the season or maybe they live in the Caribbean where it doesn’t snow at all…this is a great read for a “snuggle fest” with the kids.

What about you and your kids? What books are your reading this holiday season?

(Originally published 12/2014. Updated 12/17)

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    Hi, these are some sweet books. I hope you will consider sharing this post with Book Musings Mondays at Thanks so much!

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      What a great idea for a blog hop Mary. I stopped by and thanks for the visit.

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    I haven’t heard of The Christmas Unicorn before. I will have to look for it, my daughter loves unicorns!

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    Anna Hettick

    Great choices! We’ve never read the Elf on the Shelf but we love to read our favorite Christmas stories on December evenings. Our favorites on the 12 Days of Christmas in Oklahoma, Charlie and the Christmas Kitty, and The Christmas Story.

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      I love the idea of swapping out books during the Christmas holidays. 12 Days of Christmas in Oklahoma? I didn’t even know about that series. Just looked it up and now see that there are several books for different states and Washington, DC. That’s what I’m getting next.

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