Housewarming: How to Make a Welcome Kit for a New Neighbor

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How to make a welcome kit for a new neighbor

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Do you remember the days when you knew the names of your neighbors? Maybe you and the kids next door got together for a game of “tag” or maybe the families got together for kids’ birthday parties or other social events. Are those days long gone? Today, some of us don’t even know our neighbors by name (I’m guilty of this too). In today’s society, people are more open to making a “friend connection” over Facebook versus face to face.

But it really does not have to be that way. One way to start bringing back that neighborhood hospitality is to make a new neighbor a “Welcome Home Kit”. Now, before you stop reading this and list all the reasons why you don’t have time or the money make one…I will make a promise to you. This kit is really quick, easy and does not cost much to make.

For the Welcome Kit, you will need a candle, printer, 8’11 printer paper, address labels, envelopegift bag liners, string/ribbon and some coupons.

Make a List

Make a document that lists your family’s favorite restaurants along with their addresses and phone numbers. It’s also helpful to add things like favorite menu items (that you recommend) or tips like “Ask for Suzie, she always gives extra rolls with our dinner”. On this same document include favorite parks, recreational activities, community information (how to get pool passes, date of summer block parties, date and time trash collection) etc. Print this document and entitle it ( Things We Heart about “insert your city or neighborhood here”). Include fancy font or clipart if  you like. At the bottom of the document, include you name and your spouse’s name and contact numbers.

Clip Some Coupons

Clip or gather some of the coupons from your favorite local restaurants. Put them in an envelope for your neighbor’s “Welcome Home Kit”. Write something cute on the envelope like “Because sometimes you just want dinner to be a phone call away”.

Create Some Address Labels

Hopefully, before you embark on creating this welcome kit, you would have spoken to the neighbors at least once to find out their names. Once you have done that, go to your favorite office supply store and purchase some return address labels. You can make them as simple or fancy as you want. You can even buy them in the plain or transparent variety. Jazz them up by uploading free colored templates and printing the labels from your home computer.

Give the Gift of Ambiance

There is nothing like walking into a home that welcomes you with open arms. The way to do that is to create an inviting ambience. And one of the simplest ways to do that is to light a candle. Pick a soothing yet universal scent like vanilla or clean linen to put in the welcome kit. Scents like pumpkin pie spice, and lavender may be too strong and even offensive to some.

Once you have all of the elements of your kit together, roll your list up in a tight scroll and bind it with a brightly colored ribbon.

Line the gift bag with a colored paper liner.

Place all the other elements of the bag neatly inside and deliver it to your new neighbor with a smile.

Neighbors are usually strangers, that become acquaintances that can possible become friends. The way that we navigate these strangers has the possibility to propel us, to enlighten us, to enrich us.

So who are your neighbors?

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  1. Lovely suggestion!

  2. Great idea! Love it!

  3. Lately, it seems my entire neighborhood has moved. Thank you for this! My mom and I have been trying to figure out what to do for everyone. Great ideas!

  4. Cute idea! I feel like over the years I created a little community with my neighbors, though I’m not sure if they all know each other. It does take time and lots of friendliness.

    Thanks for sharing this idea on Fabulously Frugal Thursday! I’m featuring your post today on my A Life in Balance Facebook page.

  5. Having just moved, this is an awesome idea! What a great way to not only make someone feel welcome, but also possibly make a connection with someone in your neighborhood. Thanks so much for sharing on Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring you in next week’s issue.

  6. CrazyCatholicMama says:

    I love this idea – especially putting together a list of local favorites & coupons! Very thoughtful =)

    • This is exactly what I would wanted when we moved in to our home 5 years. I hope that you get to share it with someone else.

  7. Lovely idea! I’ll admit I don’t know many of my neighbors very well, but we’re on waving turns, hahaha. Thanks for linking up to the Get Inspired Blog Hop 🙂

  8. Lovely idea, this can definitely help set a friendly atmosphere!

  9. Great ideas, Lisa! Growing up, I knew the entire neighborhood. We all exchanged Christmas cookies and the kids played in one anothers’ backyards until dinnertime. Sadly, I don’t know any of my current neighbors, but would love to use these ideas next time someone moves in. Sharing restaurant suggestions is great! I know I’d be more than happy to be on the receiving end of this gift bag.

  10. This is a great idea! We recently moved and were thrilled to have one of our neighbors bring us cookies with a card with information about their family and contact numbers. What would you suggest for the new family in the area to take over to get to know their new neighbors?

    • LisaDLS says:

      Love this Heather. If you are moving in from another state, region or town…perhaps a treat or baked good from your area. I would love to use this question for my column “Ask the Domestic Life Stylist on 5 Minutes for Mom and I can go into more detail there. Thanks for the question and welcome to your new home!

  11. Such a nice idea. It puts my plate of cookies to shame! 🙂

  12. I love this!! I would have loved to get something like this when I first moved to my new town two years ago. Even though it’s a small town it sometimes lacks that vibe, especially among my peers, because it’s a resort town and the population is so seasonal and transient for a rural area. I hope to stay here for a good long while and when I move again (because I know I will at some point) I plan to make a better effort at introducing myself to the neighbors and consciously building that community.

  13. hopping over from Motivation Monday– what a wonderful idea and I love all the suggested items, too– thanks for sharing 🙂 I think many of us need a reminder to be more neighborly too, so I’m sharing.

  14. So thoughtful! I will remember this next time a new neighbor moves in!!

    • So happy to hear Susen. Pass it on! You know there is a back story to this. This particular welcome gift I put together a day before our last child was born. Boy, was I big and pregnant then. I think I knew that if I didn’t do it right away I was not going to get around to doing it at all. Needless to say, our neighbors were very appreciative.

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