How to Make the Ultimate Coupon Organizer

I have gone through two previous coupon organizers, and now I think that I have found or made (rather) the right one.

Tools needed:

3-ring binder
Several business card holders or trade card holders
File Separators
Lots and lots of coupons

First select the various categories for all your coupons and label the separators.  I have chosen:

Dining Out



Remember, this is your organizer.  Choose any categories you want.

Second, clip your coupons.

Third, insert them into the sleeves and into the binder.
Place separators between divided sections and voilà.  Let the savings begin! The following are Amazon affiliate links to get your coupon organizer started. Use the right tools and get your coupon organizer done the right way.

Get the Tools

Avery Durable View Binder with 3-Inch Slant Ring, Holds 8.5 x 11-Inch Paper, Black, 1 Binder (17041)

Avery Big Tab Write-On Dividers, 8-Tabs, 1 Set (23079)

Ultra Pro 25/9 Pocket Page Protectors

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  1. good tip :)…much easier to find what you’re looking for or to see if you even have a coupon for that item in your stash..for ex. the other day I happened to think to myself “check and see if you have a coupon for that before running out the door”..of course my coupons are all stuffed in a folder (expired and current) with no organization whatsoever..needless to say I said “forget it”!

  2. I hope it works out. It took me awhile but it has been so worth it.

  3. Love this binder tutorial! It is so good to see how others do it.

    Thanks for linking this post up too. It was also featured.

  4. I’m new to couponing since I could never figure out an organizational method to use them without making myself nuts. Your plan is easy simple and to the point. I can’t wait to go shopping this weekend!!


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    How to Make the Ultimate Coupon Organizer | The Domestic Life Stylist™

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