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    Chesapeake Crab and Avocado Deviled Eggs

Food Style

crab and avocado deviled eggs

Chesapeake Crab & Avocado Deviled Eggs

I love eggs. Boiled eggs were the first thing I learned how to cook. When I discovered deviled eggs, I was definitely hooked. Deviled eggs are like little vessels of goodness, in a small package and that's … Read More

Life Style

children's restaurant menus

Why Most Children’s Restaurant Menus Suck

Do you dine out with your children? I don't mean taking them to Chick-Fil-A or Chucky Cheese (which my kids both enjoy), I mean do you take your children to casual dining or upscale dining … Read More

Travel Style

what to pack in a carry on bag 265x150

Must-Haves for a Carry On Bag

Have you ever checked your bags at the airport only to have them get lost or delayed while on a trip? Even if it has only happened to you once, it's something that you don't quickly forget. … Read More

Family Style

toys for 12-24 month olds

5 Toy Recommendations for 12-24 Month Olds

Toys, toys, toys. The toy industry is worth billions in dollars. When children are older and can voice their opinions about what they want and don't want, it's much easier to figure out what toys to … Read More

Mom Style

Oscar Ready? Beauty Favorites for a Night Out

Oscar Ready? Beauty Favorites for a Night Out

Did you watch the Oscars last night? Men and women graced the red carpet wearing the finest clothes by the world's most sought after names in fashion. You can bet that before the celebrities even … Read More

Island Style

Texas Pit Ribs barbecue

Bill’s Texas Pit: Texan BBQ in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

If you are planning a trip to St. Thomas. then put this place on your radar. It's called Bill's Texas Pit or as locals say "Texas Pit". Anytime I make a visit to St. Thomas, it's usually one of our … Read More

Market Style

Evolution Fresh Sweet Greens

Evolution Fresh: Juicing without a Juicer

Every once in a while I come across something in the grocery aisle that I have to tell you about. Last time, it was Mama Chia's vitality snack. Today however, I want to tell you about Evolution Fresh. … Read More

My Style

Julie dillon geometric dress 265x150

Purple Geometric Print

We finally got some sun this weekend after all of that snow. I think it may have gotten up to 55 degrees. I used that as the perfect opportunity to get out. My style generally involves key staple pieces … Read More


homemade chocolate chip pancakes

Homemade Fluffy Chocolate Chip Pancakes + Video

There is nothing better than noshing on some homemade pancakes and these chocolate chip pancakes certainly suit the bill. Of course they are sweet and chocolaty but, what you are really going to appreciate about these pancakes is how fluffy they are. The kids will like a special weekend treat and no spouse ever complained […]

Sophia tea sandwiches

Disney Sofia Princess Preschool Playdate + Video #DisneyKids

Had so much fun hosting a Princess Preschool Playdate on behalf of Disney Parks. Although I received free supplies including Disney (swag) in order to host this Disney play date, my opinions are always my own. This Princess Playdate was made possible by Walt Disney World and Mom Select. Thirteen princesses. There were 13 frolicking […]

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boy and girl on beach

Websites to Buy & Sell Children’s Clothes at a Bargain

Thanks for visiting. Sign up for free updates via email. See you soon!Kids grow up so fast. Just as soon as you birth them, the clock starts ticking. Before you know it, they are growing out of diapers, shoes, clothes…everything! What is a parent to do to keep up? After all, we want our kids […]

build your blog conference

Building my Blog at BYBC 2015

Building a blog is a lot of work. It’s hard work that very few people understand. As a matter of fact, I still spend a great deal of time explaining to friends and family exactly what I do here at The Domestic Life Stylist. But when Taste of Home offered to sponsor my ticket for […]

Travel app

5 Free Apps to Use on Your Next Trip

I love a great app. The only thing better than a great app that is also free. It’s like winning the lottery! Well, at least I think it’s like winning the lottery. Here are five free apps you’ll definitely want to use on your next trip. Open Table Whether you are traveling or not…you just […]

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