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    Best Black Friday Deals: Shop in Bed

Food Style

Homemade Cranberry Sauce (No Sugar)

Around here I try not to play favorites but, homemade cranberry sauce is so good and easy to make, that there's is no reason to mess with the canned stuff. I mean, there is no telling how long the … Read More

Asian Quinoa Bowl with Tilapia in 25 Minutes

There is something to be said about simple food. Using a few quality ingredients with names and ingredients you can pronounce and recognize. Now, I don't always eat this way but I know that eating … Read More

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Life Style

Best Black Friday Deals: Shop in Bed

There is something that you should know about me. I'm not getting up early or bracing frigid temperatures to get a good black Friday deal. Just not my thing. My house is warm and cozy and I hardly get … Read More

My Thanksgiving Gift to You

As you prepare to delight in the company of family and friends this Thanksgiving holiday. I want to thank you for your readership, encouragement and support through the years. For every post you've … Read More

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Travel Style

7 Must Eat Restaurants in Marseille, France

Despite the recent unfortunate events that have taken place in Paris, France is a beautiful and charming place. Paris is the most popular city in France but, have you heard about Marseille? Discover … Read More

5 Mouth-Watering Food & Drinks from the Virgin Islands

One of the things I love about going back to the Virgin Islands is all the delicious foods that I get to eat. Many foods I grew up feasting on and others not so much. But that's how the story goes … Read More

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Family Style

7 Reasons I’m Falling for Fall

Shhh...I'm going to let you in on a secret. For a long time I didn't "get" fall. Fall and I were like two awkward pre-teens at a school dance. Since then, some time has passed and we've grown some. We … Read More

How to Get Your Family in the Fall Spirit

Has fall hit you yet or are you still in denial? Fall is officially here and will be sticking around for a while so you might as well get used to it. For some, fall is a time of awakening and a … Read More

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Mom Style

Black & White in France

If you've been following me on Instagram and Facebook, that I recently spent some time in France. To tell you the truth, I am still on that "French high". The best part about the trip (besides the … Read More

Fall Coats that will Make Your Coat Rack Swoon

It's a bit odd but, for someone who grew up wearing summer clothes all year long, I just love a great looking fall coat. Outerwear is an often forgotten and sometimes neglected part of "mom style", … Read More

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Island Style

Black and White Island Cocktail Inspiration

I just love playing dress up and when I'm on island time, playing dress up is twice as fun. More and more, I've noticed that people are stumbling on this blogging space from Google when searching, … Read More

3 Breathtaking Beaches to Check Out on St. Croix

Awe... St. Croix Virgin Islands. It had been a while but I'm glad that we finally make it back. While in St. Croix we had our fair share of food, culture and island sun. Of course what is an island … Read More

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Market Style

Tasty Sausage and Pasta Penne in 15 Minutes

Like yours, my life as been so crazy lately. We've been traveling, getting ready for back to school and in the middle of hustle and bustle of everyday life. The following post contains affiliate … Read More

Brake for the Huckleberry Jam

On a recent trip to Wyoming, and on a quest to try something new on that trip, I tried some foods made from huckleberries. According to the locals, the bears swear by the stuff. Huckleberries grow in … Read More

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My Style

Jeans and Gelato

I go crazy for denim and gelato, well... not exactly in that order? On a recent trip to Marseille, France we had the opportunity to go on several strolls around the city. Whenever I'm touring or … Read More

Black & White in France

If you've been following me on Instagram and Facebook, that I recently spent some time in France. To tell you the truth, I am still on that "French high". The best part about the trip (besides the … Read More

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Sweet & Spicy Mango Chicken Calypso Wraps + Video

You know how some people have a signature color, hairstyle, look…lipstick? I think that’s cool and all but people should also have a signature recipe.  A recipe that is unequivocally you. The ingredients, flavors, colors, smells should resonate on a personal, cultural and of course a tasty level. So seven years ago, I set out […]

Making Learning to Read Fun with Tiggly Words (Video)

She’s in the thick of it. Everyday words. Sight words. Easy words. Not so easy words. She’s learning to read. Some days we breeze through and others we just don’t. But she’s getting it. Mostly we just use the family chalkboard, paper, pen and a few books to practice. The following post contains affiliate links. […]

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How to Put the “Thanks” back in Thanksgiving

Thanks for visiting. Sign up for free updates via email. See you soon!Thanksgiving is fast approaching and what are we teaching our kids about being thankful? Is it enough to have them begrudgingly murmur “thank you”, when they receive a pair of pajamas and not the high speed train that they wanted for Christmas? Or […]

5 Spices to Jumpstart Your Holiday Baking

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Now that you have the 16 Must-Have Tools to Cook the Perfect Turkey, it’s time to do a little holiday baking. These spices will bring fond memories of sitting at your mom’s or grandmother’s kitchen table, eagerly waiting for cooled cookies, cakes and pies that are so […]

16 Must-Have Tools to Cook & Serve the Perfect Turkey

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and now is the time to get ready. Unless you are going to pre-order your meal, that Thanksgiving turkey is not going to cook itself. The makings of a great turkey is moist, succulent and has a nice brown crisp skin. I have fond memories of my mom waking up early […]

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