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    20 Lemon Recipes Your Family Will Love

Food Style

20 Lemon Recipes Your Family Will Love

Nothing says warm weather like a tall icy glass of lemonade right? If your palate is feeling especially adventurous, you may even chase down that lemonade with some lemon bars or lemon cookies.  As a … Read More

Gluten-Free Chocolate Coco Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oh yeah...it's time to officially put the first cookie recipe on the blog. And it's a great one. It's about time right? It all started this afternoon when I was craving something sweet. Since we've … Read More

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Life Style

Celebrities with their Moms

Mother's Day is not too far away. And if you can, the best thing you can do with your mom for Mother's Day is spend time her. Of course sending some cheesecake won't hurt. If you live near by, you can … Read More

Top 10 Prince Songs (My Fave Picks)

It's one of those things. You will always remember where you were when you found out that Prince died. It stings just to write it. I was actually scrolling through my Instagram feed when I started to … Read More

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Travel Style

10 Reasons to Visit the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore

In the US, kids have quite a few choices when it comes to science centers. Be that as it may, only 10 of those science centers were rated top 10 in the country by Parents magazine and the Maryland … Read More

Should You Cancel Your Travel Plans Because of the Attack in Brussels?

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and then I saw it, "#PrayforBrussels". What? I panicked inside. What happened this time? In a desperate attempt to get some accurate information I swiftly … Read More

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Family Style

How to Build Good Dental Habits in Kids that Will Last a Lifetime

Scraping. Picking. Prodding. Flossing. Drilling. Does any of that sound familiar? Do these words soothe and calm you? My guess is no. If anything, these words bring angst, uneasiness and maybe even … Read More

How My Son Wear His Hair is None of Your Business

How my son wears his hair is none of your business. There. I said it. Whoosah! Every time you ask, "How long are you going to let it grow?" or "When is mommy going to cut your hair?" … Read More

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My Style

9 New Active Looks to Try at Your Next Workout

Did you see it? Boom! Just like that the Queen B teamed up in a new partnership with Nordstrom for a swanky new activewear line called IVY PARK. Shoppers were buzzing on April 14th as Nordstrom … Read More

Big Skirt, Big Hair

I had the opportunity to go get dressed up for an adults only night with the groom recently and I went big...a big skirt paired with big hair that is. I just love maxi skirts. They are so flowy, … Read More

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Island Style

Black and White Island Cocktail Inspiration

I just love playing dress up and when I'm on island time, playing dress up is twice as fun. More and more, I've noticed that people are stumbling on this blogging space from Google when searching, … Read More

3 Breathtaking Beaches to Check Out on St. Croix

Awe... St. Croix Virgin Islands. It had been a while but I'm glad that we finally make it back. While in St. Croix we had our fair share of food, culture and island sun. Of course what is an island … Read More

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How to Make the Perfect Heart Shaped Pancakes + Video

Valentine’s day is not too far away and if you’re making breakfast, heart-shaped pancakes are just the thing to make the day extra Valentine’s Day breakfast extra special. I’ve tried several different methods for making the perfect heart-shaped pancakes but, this method is the easiest and yields the best results by far. Trust me. I’ve […]

Sweet & Spicy Mango Chicken Calypso Wraps + Video

You know how some people have a signature color, hairstyle, look…lipstick? I think that’s cool and all but people should also have a signature recipe.  A recipe that is unequivocally you. The ingredients, flavors, colors, smells should resonate on a personal, cultural and of course a tasty level. So seven years ago, I set out […]

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5 Women that Didn’t Let their Age Stop their Dreams

Do you have a dream? Whether big or small, you need to know something. Your dream is important. Your dream matters. You dream is achievable. And no matter how old you are, there is still time to make your dreams a reality. Fast paced business magazines may paint a different picture, but you haven’t aged […]

21 Healthy Snacks that You Can Feel Good About

Time and time again, one of the common questions I get from people trying to live healthier is about what to eat, especially in between meals during snack time. There are lots of tasty options but, it just takes some investigating and taste testing to see which ones work best for you. Since grocery selections […]

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