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Food Style

Sticky Strawberry Barbecue Hot Wings

So we are still digging our way out of the blizzard of 2016. That snow was no joke. We got at least between 25-28 inches over here and have been in doors for 3 days now. Do you know what cabin fever … Read More

Simple Homemade Guacamole

Do you know what I love? Freshly made guacamole. It's the stuff that keeps me coming back for more. If you're looking for a yummy guacamole recipe for game day, this is the recipe for you. Now you can … Read More

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Life Style

How to Organize Your Small Closet

You know those dream closets of famous celebrities that you often see splashed across glossy magazines and TV screens? I don't have one of those...yet. But, what I do have is an intimate closet that I … Read More

Steal these Christmas Ideas & Spice Up Holiday Tradition

Can you feel the excitement? Christmas is just six days away and many families will be partaking in activities that are steeped in years of tradition. But if you'd like to try something different, … Read More

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Travel Style

Local Tips to Maximize Your Stay to the US Virgin Islands + Video

I love getting back to island living. It really doesn't matter if I am visiting the Caribbean or somewhere in Asia, just sign me up. The best trips I've taken are the ones where I get insider tips … Read More

7 Must Eat Restaurants in Marseille, France

Despite the recent unfortunate events that have taken place in Paris, France is a beautiful and charming place. Paris is the most popular city in France but, have you heard about Marseille? Discover … Read More

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Family Style

How My Son Wear His Hair is None of Your Business

How my son wears his hair is none of your business. There. I said it. Whoosah! Every time you ask, "How long are you going to let it grow?" or "When is mommy going to cut your hair?" … Read More

5 Things I’m Loving About January

I'm not going to kid around. January is not my favorite month at all. But, living in gratitude means that you have to find something to be grateful for even with the things that you don't necessarily … Read More

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Mom Style

Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas For You

Whether or not you celebrate Valentine's Day, you should always take an opportunity to show yourself some love no matter what day it is. These cute finds would also be great for a friend or a special … Read More

5 Skincare Products that will Jazz Up Your Winter Routine

Is the dry winter air wreaking havoc on your skin? It may be a good time to jazz up your winter routine with a different skin care regimen. Every beauty routine needs a little shaking up every now and … Read More

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Island Style

Black and White Island Cocktail Inspiration

I just love playing dress up and when I'm on island time, playing dress up is twice as fun. More and more, I've noticed that people are stumbling on this blogging space from Google when searching, … Read More

3 Breathtaking Beaches to Check Out on St. Croix

Awe... St. Croix Virgin Islands. It had been a while but I'm glad that we finally make it back. While in St. Croix we had our fair share of food, culture and island sun. Of course what is an island … Read More

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Market Style

Tasty Sausage and Pasta Penne in 15 Minutes

Like yours, my life as been so crazy lately. We've been traveling, getting ready for back to school and in the middle of hustle and bustle of everyday life. The following post contains affiliate … Read More

Brake for the Huckleberry Jam

On a recent trip to Wyoming, and on a quest to try something new on that trip, I tried some foods made from huckleberries. According to the locals, the bears swear by the stuff. Huckleberries grow in … Read More

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My Style

Plaid & Lace

Yay it's warm! Wait it's cold. No it's warm! Nope it's cold again. Not sure what this weather is doing but as I snuggle near my fireplace and glance at my weather app, it really is 25 … Read More

Jeans and Gelato

I go crazy for denim and gelato, well... not exactly in that order? On a recent trip to Marseille, France we had the opportunity to go on several strolls around the city. Whenever I'm touring or … Read More

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Sweet & Spicy Mango Chicken Calypso Wraps + Video

You know how some people have a signature color, hairstyle, look…lipstick? I think that’s cool and all but people should also have a signature recipe.  A recipe that is unequivocally you. The ingredients, flavors, colors, smells should resonate on a personal, cultural and of course a tasty level. So seven years ago, I set out […]

Making Learning to Read Fun with Tiggly Words (Video)

She’s in the thick of it. Everyday words. Sight words. Easy words. Not so easy words. She’s learning to read. Some days we breeze through and others we just don’t. But she’s getting it. Mostly we just use the family chalkboard, paper, pen and a few books to practice. The following post contains affiliate links. […]

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5 Books that Teach Kids About Love

Thanks for visiting. Sign up for free updates via email. See you soon!Valentines Day is almost here and whether or not you celebrate this holiday, it’s a great excuse to talk about love. I mean let’s admit it, the kids are probably still “amped up” on sugar from the holidays anyway so how are you […]

Healthy Trends that You’ll Want to Try this Year

There are a few healthy trends that you just have to know about. These are beyond the basic, “diet and exercise stuff”, and they really have the potential to shake up everything you know about self care. Traditional medicine while good, is not all there is to health and well being. There’s more. There is […]

7 Ways to Celebrate Martin Luther King Day with Your Kids

The third Monday of every January is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It’s a day we pause to remember a man that did so much for civil rights that I often wonder what the landscape of our world would look like if he hadn’t dared to dream. Yes, there is still lots of work to […]

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