Horseback Riding at Bonanza Ranch (& a Life Lesson)

Horseback riding Bonanza ranch

On a recent trip to Mexico, I had the opportunity to go horseback riding at Bonanza Ranch. The ranch is about 40 minutes outside of Cancun, Mexico. But, before I tell you about my experience there, you have to know something...I didn't want to go. You see, the first and only time I rode a horse was in Punta Cana, Dominican Rebublic and the once tame horse decided to stop heeding to my instruction and just galloped. Yep. You read correctly. The horse just ran down the beach with me on … [Read more...]

Top 3 Toy Recommendations for 6-12 Month Olds

baby boy in play room

The following contains referral links for toys my little guy truly enjoys. Maybe your baby will love them too. Right about now, our infant son is going crazy for a few toys around the house. The thing is, I didn't even know that these toys existed when his sister was born. I've always felt like toys in the 6-9 month old category looked pretty much the same across the board. Boy have times changed. Here is what we are flipping out about now.  John Deere Massaging Corn … [Read more...]

Spring Fever: Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC

cherry blossoms tree 600x400

I am sure that you have heard of the saying "stop and smell the roses". During springtime in and around Washington DC,  I enjoy stopping to smell the cherry blossoms. Cherry blossom trees were given to the United States by Japan as a symbol of friendship in the early 1900's. Along the tidal basin in Washington DC, these delicate blossoms bring swarms of tourists every year during the National Cherry Blossom Festival. These delicate flowers are beautiful. They are transient... … [Read more...]

Ultimate Blog Party (2014) Welcome

cup of tea

Welcome! I am so glad that you could stop by my space. Stay awhile and have a cup of tea with me won't you? My name is Lisa and I blog here at The Domestic Life Stylist. The Domestic Life Stylist is a fine living lifestyle blog focused on home, food, travel and living life at home with finesse and style. I am a mom to two (4 year old and an infant) and we live in the Washington DC, metro area. Learn More About Me I am also the fine living/travel feature writer at 5 Minutes for Mom. … [Read more...]

April Grocery Store Sale Cycles: What to Buy this Month

April Grocery Sales Cycles

Below is the grocery store sales cycle for the month of April. It feels as if I blinked my eyes and April just appeared. If you missed any of the other sales cycles you will be able to  find them under the grocery shopping tab.   April Sales Cycles  Spring is finally here! Here is what you can expect to see on sale at the grocery store this month. As always, please feel free to to comment and let me know what type of grocery store items are on seasonal sale where you live. … [Read more...]

9 Healthy Snacks for Traveling with Kids (by Plane)

healthy travel snacks for kids

If  you have children then you fall into one of two categories... the people that travel with kids and the folks that don't. Especially when your children are under five, traveling with them can get well... complicated. It's no wonder that some parents forgo travel all together. Especially with the changes that have taken place in the travel industry in recent years, one has to do a lot of planning to make sure that kids are well adjusted and accommodated during flights. Not only … [Read more...]

Brunch at the Hay Adams

lafayette restaurant

The Hay Adams is a luxury hotel in Washington, DC just a few steps from the White House. We recently had the opportunity to have a private brunch there and it was amazing. The chef at the Lafayette restaurant on property spoiled us rotten. Should you have the opportunity to dine at the Hay Adams, here are some of the  selections you will find. Shrimp and grits on any menu commands my attention followed very closely by steak and eggs. A proper brunch for me also involves something … [Read more...]

Malaysia Flight 370: What You Should Know


This is a departure from my norm here. I just wanted to share what was on my heart.  I was 16. I was 16 when the plane didn't return. I remember watching the news, listening to the radio, reading the newspaper and wondering if I was in the middle of a dream. For some reason, that was my father's face on the front of the newspaper. For some reason my name along with my siblings and mom were listed as next of kin. And for some reason, the plane disappeared from radar...never to be seen … [Read more...]

7 Tips for Getting Kids to Eat More Veggies

Get kids to eat veggies

There is a fierce battle happening right now and the battle is bigger than you think.  On one side you have well-intended parents, and on the other are strong-willed children...who refuse to eat their vegetables. Some parents plot and plan but, nothing seems to work. So in mere frustration, they give up. While getting children to eat veggies is not necessarily easy, it is easier than coping with the ramifications that can ensue after a lifetime trodden by poor eating habits. … [Read more...]

DC Food Truck Scene: Quesadillas & Empanadas

DC food trucks

There is something about food trucks that I really enjoy. I don't get to try them nearly as often as I would like to but when I do, I go all in.  Like when I went to Nashville and tried The Grilled Cheesery...I still think about those sandwiches to this day. So last week I got to try a food truck a little closer to home. Just look at the line of food trucks on one DC street. It can be really tough to make a decision about where to eat. I usually just follow the line. This is … [Read more...]